A company that grows in an increasingly uncertain marketThe company has just obtained the LWG Certification for environmental sustainability

Jun 12, 2018
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ICAP Leather Chem has consolidated technologies and processes that enable it to produce internally, in a totally safe manner and respecting the environment, a wide range of chemical products for leather. The company from Lainate (Milan), with laboratories and warehouses also in the two main Italian tannery districts in Arzignano (VI) and Castelfranco di Sotto (PI), is today able to offer the international market a wide spectrum of products such as acrylic resins, polyurethane resins, polyurethane-acrylic copolymers, lacquers, protein binders, pigments, oils, waxes, compounds and so on and so forth. Among the many novelties presented by the company for the new winter season, we would like to mention by way of example the line “transfert”, captivating both for the new colour chart and for its speed of use which amplifies its cost effectiveness.


It is even more interesting, given the breadth of the observatory, to comment about the market situation at an international level.  “In 2017 we registered a contained growth in view of all the problems that rose on the various markets, we cannot complain, says the sales manager Andrea Tonoli. The collapse of Indian production, Brazil’s crisis linked to the vicissitudes of JBS and the Chinese environmental issues have indeed had considerable repercussions on leather production volumes worldwide. The relocations too of tannery activities taking place in Bangladesh and in Egypt have resulted in a semester of inactivity”.

Despite the problems, the Lombard company has anyway closed the year on a positive note.  “The Italian market has responded positively and has helped us to compensate for the drop in work with other outlets, as well as the entry in the automotive sector where we have won important clients to whom we supply innovative, high-performance products, which are often customized. But weighing on us is the general unpredictability, the impossibility of planning our activities and make plans because the reference market changes very rapidly”.


The leather market is always under pressure also from the environmental standpoint and the chemical industry is inevitably even more exposed. “Naturally we pay a lot of attention to these issues and we have indeed just obtained the LWG certification for environmental sustainability. Being part of Unpac, we are also associated with the ZDHC platform, which in turn aims at the total elimination of harmful chemical products”.

Tanners fear considerable price increases also in view of the next Reach deadline. How do you feel about it? “It is a period of great uncertainty from this point of view too. Icap Leather Chem produces internally and therefore we benefit from it in comparison with others, but undoubtedly we have also experienced price increases as far as raw materials are concerned. Chemical giants have already announced considerable increases, we are waiting to see what is going to happen but I fear that some readjustments will be inevitable”, says Tonoli, thus concluding.





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