ACLE, more buyers expected from ASEAN member states

For the 21st edition of the event to be held in Shanghai from 29 to 31 August, the organisers of the All China Leather Exhibition expect buyers not only from the tanneries and manufacturing industries of China, but also an increasing number of participants from the countries of South-East Asia, which represent an increasingly important leather goods and footwear manufacturing industry, thanks to their rising numbers.

Mar 22, 2018
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acle-opening-ceremony-f43bcf74-fedf-440d-aaa9-a2319ad8ec1bAn increase in the number of registrations, with the reasonable assumption that more than one thousand exhibitors will participate: these are the forecasts of APLF Ltd for the 21st edition of ACLE, which will serve as the basis in creating a dynamic three days of business and negotiations at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre in Pudong. The fair will present the latest products in terms of leathers, chemical products, components, machinery and services for the clothing, leather goods and footwear, and automotive and furnishing sectors based out of China and ASEAN: with a selection that – as forecasted by the organisers – should arrive at around 23,000 visitors, 19,000 of which from the main manufacturing and tannery districts of China, with 4,000 buyers from the nearby nations of South-East Asia.

“Covering the entire industry supply chain, including the most cutting-edge technological innovations and new products, – declared acle-business-discussion-18Michael Duck, director of APLF Ltd at the press conference dedicated to the event’s presentation– ACLE continues to play a role in opening the doors that allow the Chinese leather industry access to the most advanced technologies, with the aim of making their leathers efficient and sustainable. This encourages the presence and investment in national pavilions at the fair…” In fact, more than twenty national pavilions will present their latest innovations at ACLE, including those proposed by Brazil, India, Italy, Pakistan, Turkey, and the United States.

Michael Duck also spoke of the trends that will characterise the event: the stability of leathers, notwithstanding the growing demand for smicheal-duckynthetic and fabric products by the sneaker and athleisure industries: “We cannot forget, in fact, that in 2017 China alone produced more than 4.5 billion pairs of leather sneakers!” The increase in automotive sales, above all in China and the USA, will be another factor in stimulating the growth of leather sales. ASEAN must also be considered as a key element, since a large part of footwear production has been transferred to the countries of South-East Asia. As far as technology is concerned, new opportunities are opened up by the ecological conversion of Chinese tanneries, with a rise in their demand for sustainable products, machinery, and systems.acle-dong2674

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