Adient Aerospace is bornThe joint venture with Boeing is focused on the production of airplane seats. Objective: to excel in an expanding market that by 2026 will reach 6 billion dollars

Mar 09, 2018
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Last January 16 was signed an important joint-venture between Adient, number one at a global level in the production of automotive seating, and Boeing, the world’s largest aerospace company. The agreement led to the creation of Adient Aerospace, a new company focused on the design and production of seating products to airlines based in Kaiserslautern, near Frankfurt, Germany, where a first production plant and a technology centre will be set up.

Objective of the agreement: “Meeting the growing needs of the aeronautical industry as regards seats”, commented the leaders of the two companies. “The seats have always been a constant challenge for this sector. Together with Adient, we want to help improve comfort and technical features” said Kevin Schemm, Vice President of Boeing’s Supply Chain Management.

Adient Aerospace will take advantage of Boeing’s leadership in the industry and its in-depth knowledge of customer needs and technical needs to provide superior quality products to companies and passengers worldwide. “We will apply our great experience to reach levels of excellence in terms of comfort and craftsmanship” commented Bruce McDonald, President and CEO of Adient (which is the majority shareholder with 50.01% of the joint venture).
According to industry analysts, growth prospects are not lacking: the commercial aerospace seating market will increase from $ 4.5 billion in 2017 to $ 6 billion by 2026.

Adient is a global player in car interiors, made of leather and other types of materials, with 85 thousand employees working in 238 production and/or assembly facilities spread across 34 countries worldwide. It is estimated that its seats set up over 25 million vehicles a year.

For its part, Boeing boasts even more important numbers with 140,000 employees in the United States and 65 other countries and company revenues of 94.6 billion dollars

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