AICC: Purification of Tanning WaterWastewater: a delicate topic important to leather chemists. An analysis of the entire production process, the substances used and sludge, in order to continue and to implement improvements already achieved over time

May 25, 2017

The training and education sessions of the Italian Association of Leather Chemists (AICC) continue according to a calendar of programs that will last throughout 2017.

On Thursday, 6 April 2017, the Veneto Area of AICC organised a training seminar on the Purification of Tanning Water, held at the “Galileo Galilei” Technical Institute of Arzignano (VI).

Engineer Daniele Refosco, head of the Water Purification System of Chiampo, was called to illustrate the works. His intervention covered a variety of different topics. After providing an overview of wastewater, and illustrating the changes in the water quality parameters over the last 5/6 years, he talked about the chemical substances contained in tanning reflux and their origin, whether from the hides or from the chemical products used for their treatment. This was followed by a discussion on domestic sewerage water. An assessment was then made on how the environmental impact has changed today in the tanning industry compared to a few decades ago. 


The actual improvements achieved over the last forty years and the improvements that still need to be made was also illustrated, even with significant images. The entire production process was also described in order to contextualise the topics, outlining the various phases, from the water purification system, exploring the various critical issues. The problem of sludge purification and its optimisation was then discussed, which over the years, has led to its drastic reduction (at least a third reduction compared to fifteen years ago).

The Seminar concluded with an overview on the future outlook of the Water System of Chiampo; specifically, the advantages and disadvantages of ozonisation in the treatment and post-treatment of industrial wastewater. At the end of Mr Refosco’s intervention, many questions were asked by those present, which highlighted the interest in the topic. This interest was also evident by the excellent turnout, and the positive feedback given to organisers.

AICC – Associazione Italiana dei Chimici del Cuoio

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