AICC: Training figuresFor the Italian Association of Leather Chemists, conferences, technical meetings, seminars and training courses are a constant reminder of its presence on the territory, aimed at spreading the tanning culture

Sep 28, 2017
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At the opening of the National AICC Conference, held on 7 July 2017 in Vietri sul Mare, the president of the Association, Ernesto Pisoni welcomed members by highlighting the great work that AICC has been doing in the field of communication and training. Silent and important work that on the one hand encourages the promotion of the tanning culture and on the other hand allows exchanging and updating information on some of the most delicate issues for the sector, aimed at building, over time, a common identity and vision.

With regard to communication – explained Pisoni, we have set up an internal committee to keep members informed of news coming from the Italian and international leather industries. However, as far as training is concerned, a very full schedule has been developed thanks to the introduction of continuous training courses and seminars in the various districts.

Since the beginning of the year, AICC has organised two Technical Conferences (one in Santa Croce and one in Vietri sul Mare), amounting to seven hours of technical training, which was attended by about 320 people. In addition to the Seminars, Courses and Technical Meetings, AICC also offered its Members another nine appointments, for a total of 27 training hours, and 720 participants.

These figures show how training is now a driving force and how strong the demand is for continuous updating – says Pisoni.

A lot of attention is placed on education, for which has been organised five Seminars involving about one hundred high school students in 15 hours of training.
Three seminars, instead, were held at the University for about thirty students. Three other events have already been planned within the end of the year: the IX Technical Conference for the Veneta Area (on 20 October in Chiampo); a meeting in Arzignano (25 November) on “Colorimetry: Dyes and Pigments”; and a meeting in Santa Croce (6 December) dedicated to “Leather Defects”.

A very intense year of works, which will see the total number of participants in the AICC Conferences exceed 500 presences for 2017; while the total number of participants in the various Seminars, Courses and meetings promoted by AICC is expected to exceed one thousand.
These outstanding results, on the one hand, reward AICC’s silent work and on the other hand, indicate that a common need has been met.

AICC – Italian Association of Leather Chemists

AICC (Italian Association of Leather Chemists) include everyone who works in the leather sector, in particular: chemists and technicians of leather, diploma-holders or […]

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