An international AICC conference in ArzignanoThe appointment is on November 23 at the Villa Mattarello Theater

Oct 04, 2018
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The organizing machine of the AICC technical conference scheduled in Arzignano on 23 November and preceded by the national assembly of the association that will provide for the renewal of the governing council for the three-year period 2019-2021, has already started.

Entitled “Technological and scientific innovation in the tanning sector”, the X Veneto Area Technical Conference is the most expected technical meeting of 2018, in Europe, with the participation of over 300 delegates. For the first time, it will assume an international connotation with the presence of several foreign experts and the simultaneous translation into English. During the event, which will start at 5 p.m. at the Villa Mattarello Theater, will be presented five technical works.

After the greetings of the president and local authorities, Eric Poles of Silvateam will present a study that has assessed the antibacterial power of tanned leather with natural tannins for the production of items in direct contact with human skin. This will be followed by Jeffry Guthrie-Strachan’s report of Trumpler who will illustrate a study on the COD of fattening and retanning products, and in particular the possibility of providing COD values to the discharges of their combinations.

The third scheduled work by Daniel Herta of TFL, who will still address the topic of COD seen from another perspective and, in particular, present the possibility of its significant reduction in the production of chrome-free leathers to get a more easily biodegradable residual COD.

The microphone will then pass to Adriano Peruzzi who will present a study of the tumbling impact on the chemical-physical characteristics of the leather and on the distribution variation of the greases in the leather section. The latest technical work will be illustrated by Antonello Marchino of Evolution Tech who will talk about a new technological advancement of rotary presses for leather finishing, which allows printing at lower temperatures and with lower pressures, thus obtaining a better definition of the design.

The conference will also include the extraordinary participations of the IULTCS Past-President, Dietrich Tegtmeyer, who will present a preview of the XXXV IULTCS World Conference to be held in 2019 in Dresden (Germany), and of Prof. Anthony Covington, of the University of Northampton , who will present the English Association of Leather Chemists (SLTC), its many activities and the new reprint of the book: “Leather Technologist Pocket Book” published by SLTC.


AICC – Italian Association of Leather Chemists

AICC (Italian Association of Leather Chemists) include everyone who works in the leather sector, in particular: chemists and technicians of leather, diploma-holders or […]

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