IULTSC 2019: Appointment in DresdenIn 2019, the German city will host the 35th IULTCS Congress, which is already attracting the first major sponsors more than 18 months before its staging

Dec 20, 2017
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As known, Germany – and precisely the city of Dresden – will host the next IULTCS Congress. The XXXV edition will take place in the capital of Saxony from 25 to 28 June 2019. Despite the fact that there are still 18 months to go before the event, the organisational machine is already in full swing. The Verein für Gerberei-Chemie und Technik (VGCT), the German Association of Leather Chemicals and Technology, a local brand of the IULTCS, will play host. The Association, which will celebrate its 70th anniversary (founded in 1949) during the days of the Congress, currently has about 300 members, and represents a more limited reality than Italy and Spain, but still quite significant. About one hundred German companies of the sector, with a workforce of about 2,500 people who produce eight million sqm/year, mainly for the automotive and furniture industries. The turnover for the industry is around 500 million euros. The organisation of the Congress is an important commitment for VGCT, which nevertheless relies on the experience gained from working on another event. In fact, for some years (since 2012) the Association has been promoting – in collaboration with the Freiberg Leather Institute (FILK) – the Freiberg Leather Days, a technical meeting with more than 200 participants from Central Europe.

Benign by Design

It was a strategic choice to bring the most important event in Germany to the VGCT, in the heart of the European Community, after Friedrichshafen 1995. The 34 previous editions were held in 17 countries, in five continents. The programme of meetings, conferences, exhibition spaces and business methods are still – obviously – being defined. But the general system is already taking shape. “The Congress theme is “Benign by Design”, connected with the message: “Leather, a future through science and sustainability”, explains IULTCS President, Dietrich Tegtmeyer, who will “play” at home in Dresden. “Many objectives have already been achieved with regards to sustainability. However, new research and development projects, including disruptive ones, are really important for our industry to be truly sustainable in the future. The 2019 event in Dresden wants to be a platform for sharing these new studies and innovative working processes. Over the years, dedication and research have led to constant improvements in material properties, technologies and sustainable processes,” echoes Martin Heise, VGCT President. “Today’s focus on the environment, human health, on the consumption of non-renewable resources, and wastewater treatment guide our common actions. It is my conviction that leading the industry into the next decade this will continue to be the case. Science and technology will be the key-drivers for a successful future of our industry. The Congress in Dresden will be an excellent occasion to exchange knowledge, experience and expertise with professionals and colleagues from all around the globe. Only by collaborating and sharing on a global scale will we be able to master the challenges of tomorrow and succeed as an industry altogether.”

A showcase of great impact

Very topical themes for an appointment that catalyses the worldwide attention of the whole industry. And which, for this reason, is also an international showcase of great authority. For a company, being a partner of the event means getting on a stage of wide visibility; and not only during the week of the congress, but also along the entire approach and preparation path. The organisation offers four different forms of collaboration (Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze), each with its own benefits and opportunities.

First (noteworthy) registrations

Three “heavyweights” have already understood the importance of the Congress as a communication strategy. “When we learned that the next IULTCS Congress will be held in Germany, it didn’t take us long to decide on our commitment to support the event, since we expect it to draw considerable attention and large numbers of participants from all over the world,” confesses Dr Peter Amann, CEO of TFL. The US multinational, well known in the industry, has a catalogue of innovative products for all the various processing phases and is distinguished by a continuous search for increasingly advanced and innovative solutions on the market. “And in choosing Dresden our colleagues made an excellent choice as it is one of the most beautiful and vibrant cities in Germany. We look forward to be actively involved in this project.” Satisfying words also came from José Fernando Bello, president of Centre for the Brazilian Tanning Industry (CICB), another brand committed to the Dresden event: “In keeping with our mission to enhance the advancement of the Brazilian leather industry in the world, the German Congress will be an excellent opportunity to meet and network with the European leather industry and their customers, such as the automotive and upholstery industry, but also luxury brands.” CICB has been representing the entire Brazilian tanning industry for 60 years, defending and promoting the sector in the international markets. The entity pursues the sustainable growth of the sector, while guaranteeing high standards of professional qualification, health and safety and technological improvement. On the other side of the ocean instead works Shimadzu Corporation. This extra-sector brand based in Kyoto, Japan was founded in 1875 and is present in more than one hundred countries (including Italy). The company produces an extensive range of analytical and measuring tools for research, development and quality control of consumer goods in different industries (food, environmental, pharmaceutical, chemical, energy, etc.). “We are present in many industries and the 2019 Dresden event allows us to increase awareness of our brand within the entire leather industry,” says Doctor Volkmar Schulz, Branch Manager of the German division of Shimadzu. “The IULTCS Congress will bring to Dresden an exceptional field of researchers, scientists and operators. These are the people we want to get into contact with.”

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