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Aug 29, 2017
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Italian Tannery Biodiversity, Alive And Vital

This is what Gianni Russo, President of UNIC – Unione Nazionale Industria Conciaria (Italian tanners’ association), underlined during the industry Meeting held in Milan at Palazzo Mezzanotte.


Such occasion enabled to test the ground of the 1200 Italian tanneries that are in the 1st place worldwide in terms of production value, in the 4th place in terms of volume and once in the 1st place concerning export figures (although in 2016 they lost 5%, achieving 3,8 billion euros, equal to a share above 76% of the turnover, reaching the markets of 114 countries).


The 2016 industry balance closed almost in line with that of the previous year, recording a very limited decrease in terms of quantity (-1,7%) and value (-3,4%). Fashion sales were weak (leather down to -7%, shoes and clothes down to -2%), supported, on the other hand, by a good growth in stuffing, with special regard to automotive, which recorded a very good +8%.


Less exuberant, but nevertheless worth mentioning, was the performance of interior decoration, which started to grow again after a persistent drop during more than 10 years. The instability factors are still linked to the continuous drops of historic markets for Italian export: China and Hong Kong are down by sixteen percentage points, with slightly higher figures for Germany, Portugal and Tunisia. The only bright spot relating to foreign market places comes from the United States, which are growing by 12%.

“It’s the strong biodiversity of the Italian tanning panorama the winning factor which shelters our industry from the continuous cyclical fluctuations and which enables it to keep its international leading role stable”

concluded Russo.

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