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Oct 02, 2017
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No hiding placeby Mike Redwood, spokesman of Leather Naturally

In the leather industry, we have a history of trying to stay out of sight. In older times the processes we used and the raw material we started with created an unpleasant atmosphere so in Ancient Rome we were pushed to the mouth of the Tiber and the Venetians sent the tanners to a quite distant island. Tanning was defined as an odious and obnoxious trade: important but best done at a distance. As the worldwide tannery business modernised in the late 20th century no one planned to build tanneries amongst housing or in the middle of towns but we did begin to realise that we no longer deserved to be always considered an objectionable industry. In my first tannery, making traditional leathers in pits we wore clogs, and then when I progressed to technical director I got a pair of rubber boots. But for at least the last thirty years I have been quite happy to take visitors round all the tanneries I worked in wearing everyday street or office clothes. If you do not stand under an emptying drum or next to a fleshing machine - and wear ear or eye protection where required by health and safety laws - you are fine.

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Lineapelle: Maps for the winter… that is coming

Lineapelle 93 presents the creations for next winter 2018/19: the most important international exhibition of the leather segment will take place in Milan from 4th to 6th October 2017


Highs and lows of French tanning

Fluctuating results – however, in line with the 2017 global trend – characterised the first half of the year of French exports, as evidenced by the report published at the end of September by the Conseil National du Cuir


GSC Group: forty years of success

Almost 2,000 products, an annual production of 31,000 tonnes, more than 20,000 square meters of warehouses, 150 employees, and 52 countries served


Bauce: The continuous pursuit of perfection

Precise specialisation has led Bauce to never-ending improvements aimed at equipping its machines with the latest technologies. In line with the new environmental requirements


UNIC: the extraordinary history of the Italian tanning industry

The annual general meeting of UNIC (Italian Tanners’ Association) talked about a living, vital, sustainable industry characterised by remarkable “biodiversity"


Barnini: A summer of new developments

At the end of July, Barnini inaugurated its new logistics centre and presented the new press for working on large dimensions


SSIP and Fondazione Mondragone: union makes culture

SSIP and Fondazione Mondragone sign an agreement for mutual cooperation aimed at launching research, production development and training projects in the field of clothing production


Syn-Bios: The thousand colours of safety

With the Ink for Leather series (for drum dyeing and finishing), Syn-Bios ensures compliance with the REACH guidelines and the brand restrictions

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