AU, the new automotive line, is hereThe Tuscan company joins the ZDHC roadmap to ‘Zero Programme’ and implements specific metal-free dyes

Jun 12, 2018
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The leather for automobile interiors has reached very high standards in terms of environmental impact and clean technology, and therefore it represents a challenge and an opportunity for the best businesses that produce auxiliary chemicals.  “At FGL International we take the new challenges extremely seriously – say the company’s chief executives – this is the reason why we believe that our AU range is a step forward for auto leather interiors and for the aeronautic industry, where performance and style are the main themes but sustainability and constant attention to the quality of the environment make a real difference”.


Constantly paying attention to the evolution of the market and to fashion trends,  FGL Intenational has also extended and updated its line of dyes Valanil, Valalux and Valasoft. The new charts Valanil and Valalux were implemented with dyeings carried out on metal-free leather, an important benefit for customers, who are now able to make a better selection to dye metal-free leathers or anyway wet-white tanned leather in general. In the new Valasoft chart a new series of dyes is also presented, with which it is possible to create especially uniform pastel tones.


A highly qualified technical staff is provided by GFL International to all its customers both for the new AU range and all the other auxiliary lines in order to guarantee optimal results.


The Tuscan company’s constant effort on the sustainability front is finally confirmed by its adherence to the ZDHC platform to completely stop using harmful chemical products.

“We are glad to announce that we have completed the process to be at the front line in the Roadmap to Zero Programme”, FGL International says.

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