Automation in the management of drum departmentsThere are still many stages in the drum departments for liming, tanning or dyeing operations where the operator must intervene manually in repetitive actions that are not without health risks. Moreover, these manual phases slow down the production cycle and represent a source of unforeseen events, which neither guarantee the repeatability of results nor the quality constancy.

Feb 07, 2019
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Automating completely the management of the distribution and dosage of chemical products to the drums, represents a big step forward for every tanning company. The advantages deriving from this can be summarised as follows: greater safety, optimisation of production times, repeatability of production, traceability of processes, possibility to certificate the production process and others.

A reliable partner in this field is certainly SC Costruzioni Meccaniche which, in close collaboration with NEXUS Automation, is able to design and build systems for the automated management of every single chemical product, from the storage to the entry into drums.

Thanks to many years of experience in the mechanical and hydraulic tanning plants sector, SC Costruzioni Meccaniche produces and installs machines and systems for the transport, mixing and dosing of liquid and powder chemical products and guarantees after-sales service in the mechanical and hydraulic field. At its side, NEXUS Automation develops softwares on PC and PLC, designs and manufactures electrical equipment and complete systems.

But what are the phases that benefit from automation? We follow the leather work cycle.

In the Liming department we talk about automated management of drum rotation times, water dosage, dangerous acid dosages and bath temperature control. In the Tanning department it’s about drum rotation, water dosage, dangerous acids doses and bath temperature control. In the Dyeing department, we still talk about managing drum rotation times, drum positioning, water dosage, grease dosing, mixing of blended powders, dangerous acid doses, bath temperature control, computerised recipe management and assisted weighing management.

In particular, SC Costruzioni Meccaniche builds storage tanks, dispensers, stirrers, storage tanks at the drums, hot/cold water mixers, and all the other necessary mechanical components, while NEXUS takes care of the whole management part. It has created and provides a software that can be configured according to customer needs and is able to communicate with all the most used ERP systems today, like IBM AS400, SAP, Access, Oracle, Unix, etc. So the proposed system is not “isolated”, but in perfect harmony with the corporate informatic structure. The whole system is integrated into the tannery business network and of course it can be monitored via Internet by remote assistance. NEXUS builds the central supervision unit, a workstation managed by the production manager, who controls the entire plant and all the peripheral units that handle individual parts of the plant.

S.C. Costruzioni Meccaniche

S.C. Costruzioni Meccaniche projects, builds and installs auxiliary systems and equipment for several industrial sector, in particular way: tannery machine […]

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