Barnini: A summer of new developmentsAt the end of July, Barnini inaugurated its new logistics centre and presented the new press for working on large dimensions

Sep 29, 2017
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serata-barniniBarnini capped off a successful summer day (the new centre was officially opened on 20 July 2017) with an elegant gala dinner in front of the company’s facility.

The logistics centre is adjacent to the headquarters and occupies an area of 1400 square meters. Heavy vehicles and containers access via a ramp designed specifically for working in safety. The opening was also an opportunity to give guests/customers a tour through the Barnini/Mostardini production lines (lasers, lathes, work centres, folding machines etc). In fact, the company produces almost all (95%) of its machinery parts, preferring this solution to the assembly of parts produced by contractors.

gadget-consegnato-durante-la-serata-barniniThis choice allows a more careful control of the production, immediate availability of spare parts and customised work processes. An example of this is the gadget given the guests during the event: a sheet metal silhouette of a Formula One Car, perfectly cut out and contoured, with company brands and logos. During the day, the new hydraulic platepress called MP12CS was also presented to guests. This press has 3000 tonnes of power and a work bench of 2200×1800 for finishing large-sized pieces.

The machine has a column structure (instead of a welded monolithic structure) and a two-cylinder lifting system, which allows operating with an even pressure on very large workpieces. In fact, if there was only one cylinder, the work bench, on these sizes, could bend, resulting in a different pressing between the central part and the outer part of the work bench.

Barnini s.r.l.

Founded in 1965 on the initiative of the founder Vincenzo Barnini, the company Barnini srl has established itself quickly as […]

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