Bauce in Shanghai, between confirmation and innovationAppointment at Acle 2016 (Pad 3E, Stand B17d) with the company of Trissino and its pressing and sammying machines characterized by […]

Aug 05, 2016
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Appointment at Acle 2016 (Pad 3E, Stand B17d) with the company of Trissino and its pressing and sammying machines characterized by continuous technical progress

Bauce, a well known company in the tanning industry for the reliability of its machines, through which it earned its prestigious International reputation, is among the excellence of Italian SMEs – real engine of our economy.

The company of Trissino (Vi), founded in 1970 by Attilio Bauce (taken over today by his children Luca, Sabrina and Michela), has always pursued the happy company choice of specialization, only by focusing on through-feed leather pressing: an exclusivity which over the years has allowed Bauce to become a technological innovation landmark of these machines, thanks to constant researches and improvements carried out with dedication by a team of engineers, technicians and qualified assemblers. People who represent the other great value of the company: the Research and Development Centre.

In fact, the company wanted to invest in a cutting-edge R&D Department, in which machinery could be tested and enforced or, often in synergy with customers, by developing new products or solutions for various types of leather. In this laboratory come to life the most advanced mechanical systems and the most developed manufacturing techniques, which afterwards are transferred to each Bauce machine.

A “quality policy” ISO certified since 2001 (the company was among the first ones in the sector to achieve this certification), spread over the entire production process: certified activities include design, development, procurement, construction, commissioning service and support. In addition to the parent company of Trissino, since approximately ten years, Bauce is present in Brazil with its own office and factory (in Ivoti, in the south of the country, near Porto Alegre), to take care, on site, of its own South American market and to provide quick assistance to local customers. An international effort which is also confirmed by the presence of Bauce in all major trade shows of the sector around the world, including the upcoming ACLE 2016.

At the event in Shanghai (31 August/2 September), Bauce will be present in Hall 3E Stand B17d/IT with an approximate collection of samples of its production.

Among this, stands out the through-feed setting MVC4 S Versus RCE, a machine that synthesizes over forty years of experience in the through-feed leather pressing and spreading sector. The plant presents a new working system, characterized by a cylinder assembly with a larger blade diameter and an increased number of blades to get a better stretching of the leather. On the bladed cylinders are installed more powerful engines, fitted with a speed variator for cylinders revolving speed adjustment.

touchscreenrullo_cromato_riscaldato The machine also allows to perform three leather passes through the bladed cylinders and the heat cylinder (with variable temperature for leather in wet-blue or vegetal tanning) improves the opening of the wrinkle of the leather and enhances the quality of the grain. The display with touch technology accesses to PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) which manages the various work phases.

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