The benefits of leather in a video co-produced by Leather NaturallyA video dedicated to the promotion of leather of responsibly produced leather has been on the web for a couple of months.

Apr 12, 2018
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A video dedicated to the promotion of responsibly produced leather has been on the web for a couple of months. It is an initiative realized by a group of European stakeholders of the sector in collaboration with Leather Naturally to counter the attacks on the tanning sector, but above all to “begin to talk of leather in a positive manner and allow everyone, especially consumers, to discover and appreciate its virtues”, Egbert Dikkers - Leader Innovation & Sustainability at Smit & zoon and member of the Steering Committee acting as Chair of Leather Naturally - has stressed.

The video, shot inside some important European tanneries, aims to dispel the image of a sector that pollutes and that is an accomplice of the mistreatment of animals. It illustrates the main phases of the modern leather production process, emphasizing the progress made by the sector in terms of reduction of water and energy consumption, while those managing important footwear and leather goods brands explain how a leather product offers unparalleled durability and value in comparison with other materials.

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