To unload hides there is PEGASUSPegasus is an accessory positioned under the stacker to collect the hides and load them automatically on the horse.

Feb 16, 2018
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In the past, in industrialized countries, after the continuous loop processes, hides were manually handled and put on a pallet, table or horse.  With the development of automation in the ’80s, the first automatic machines, called also stackers, were used to pile up hides. Nowadays, stackers are frequently used in tanneries and can be positioned after many through-feed processes.  However, some processes need higher accuracy in laying down hides,  especially when loaded on a horse.  In fact, after finishing spray, final ironing or embossing processes, in most tanneries an operator is required behind the stacker to assist with the positioning of the hides on the horse. The need of an operator behind a stacker causes two problems: first of all a safety issue (an operator cannot stay within the security perimeter of a stacker, which is defined by a fixed protection) and secondly the operator cost itself. To resolve these two problems, Bergi, through its Bertech division, designed a system that assists the positioning of hides on the horse, the same way an operator would do. It is a robot that replaces the human operator.


Pegasus is an accessory positioned under the stacker to collect the hides and load them automatically on the horse. It is an independent unit and can be positioned both longitudinally (if hides are fed butt/head) or transversely (if hides are fed flank/flank). Pegasus can collect and unload each hide individually, or collect a number of hides simultaneously and unload them together. It can process all hides grain up or switch to grain on grain, like when they exit the finishing line. It’s height varies, so it is possible to adapt it to the support height where it has to unload the hides and as the height of the hide stack increases it rises up independently just like a normal stacker.


If you wish to process some hides without Pegasus, it is possible to fold it on itself and since it is provided with wheels it can easily be moved manually. When on stand-by it takes up the space of a normal horse.


Pegasus is particularly indicated for unloading hides on horse, but it can also be used for unloading soft hides on table. It is equipped with its own control panel and connected to the stacker through a network cable in order to work in a synchronized manner.

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