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Sustainable Leather Campaign for a cleaner future   

With only two years to go, brands and tanners are being challenged to meet the Zero Discharge Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) goals: the elimination of all hazardous chemicals in the whole production process of the global textile, leather and footwear value chain

Adient Aerospace is born

The joint venture with Boeing is focused on the production of airplane seats. Objective: to excel in an expanding market that by 2026 will reach 6 billion dollars


The Italian Association of Tanning Auxiliary Manufacturers joins the foundation aimed at eliminating hazardous chemical substances along the entire fashion supply chain

New generation drums

Revomec will present its innovative Dharma and MD dry-milling drums, all made of stainless steel and available in different types and sizes.

A new spray booth

To meet the wider needs of customers, Barnini has designed a new rotary spray booth model which will not replace the existing one on the market but will complete the range offered.

New self-cleaning Belt Filter

The latest innovation from SC Costruzioni Meccaniche is called Belt Filter, a self-cleaning belt filter made of AISI 304 stainless steel, composed of two lateral frames and longitudinal reinforcements.

A mini-laboratory with Spraylab

Fratelli Carlessi exhibits Spraylab, its innovative spraying machine with robotic arm, which presents itself like a real mini-laboratory, in which the tannery technician can test small productions and samples optimizing time and resources.

More power for more beautiful leather

Bauce presents a new through-feed setting out and sammying machine that is positioned at the top of the marker.

Deepcolor, two-sided dyeing

At Tanning Tech 2018, Gemata is presenting Deepcolor, an innovative through-feed dyeing machine coming from the great experience and technological innovation of the Veneto-based company

The new milling drums Black Line® are still top secret

Erretre is proud to announce the development of a new generation of milling drums that are set for distribution right after Tanning Tech 2018

A new through-feed sammying machine for wet blue

The Escomar Italia, always focused and improving its through feed sammying machines for wet blue, is introducing into the market the new model “PCR-E56”.

Creativity without borders

AEFFE has realized a new machinery in order to create fashion accessories, footwear, leather goods, belts, gloves and so on

For more sustainable spraying

At the fair, the Veneto-based company exhibits the Hydrospray cabin equipped with high efficiency gun

To unload hides there is PEGASUS

Pegasus is an accessory positioned under the stacker to collect the hides and load them automatically on the horse.

“We want to grow further”

Interview with Piera Lotti, General Manager of the Tuscan company specialising in the development of leather finishing chemicals, who tells us about the company’s investment plan for this year aimed at achieving new growth and expansion goals in the international market

Very bright shades, more safety and quality

The pigment ranges of the Veneto-based company are the result of strong investments in research

Golden Year at Lanxess

The German multinational company’s turnover exceeds 2.4 billion euro, an annual growth of 25% suggest a gross operating margin of 1.3 billion euro.
In September Lanxess was again listed in Europe and World Dow Jones Sustainability Indices.

Objective of Sustainability for Stahl

From the launch of the Sustainable Leather Campaign, to the closing of the BASF transaction, to the opening of a new Lab in Arzignano: many innovations at the house of Stahl, which aims at an increasingly eco-friendly chemistry

ISA TanTec Heshan opens its doors to young high schoolers from Germany

ISA TanTec has shown its support to the educational system and local community in Heshan by participating in an interesting student exchange initiative

Stahl believes in Italy and inaugurates a state-of-the-art Application Lab in the district of Valle del Chiampo

In Arzignano, the new application lab for automotive, leather goods, footwear and furniture

Barnini: A summer of new developments

At the end of July, Barnini inaugurated its new logistics centre and presented the new press for working on large dimensions

GSC Group: forty years of success

Almost 2,000 products, an annual production of 31,000 tonnes, more than 20,000 square meters of warehouses, 150 employees, and 52 countries served

Bauce: The continuous pursuit  of perfection

Precise specialisation has led Bauce to never-ending improvements aimed at equipping its machines with the latest technologies. In line with the new environmental requirements

SC Costruzioni Meccaniche: Small details of a large machine

With the new Platepress 2800, the Empoli-based company offers operators a series of innovative solutions to simplify and speed up the pressing process

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Mar 12, 2018

Not costs but savings

A talk with Yves Morin, CTC CEO & UITIC president

Mar 12, 2018

US leather market: not bad the outlook for 2018

U.S. Hides and Skins market situation. Last year US exports showed an increase of 7% in value for salted hides, but a decrease of -4% in wet blue. The outlook for next months will depend on the rate of recovery in global demand for leather.

Mar 12, 2018

The role of IULTCS must continue to grow

Interview with Thomas C. J. Yu, new-elected President of CHEMISTS’ UNION

Mar 12, 2018

Tanners do not get enough for their leather

It’s fundamental to avoid driving leather into a commodity price bracket

Mar 12, 2018

Countdown for REACH

The 31 May 2018 deadline appears to be a problematic one and many fear consequences for the tanning industry due to the impossibility of finding commonly used substances for which registration was not required and which have, therefore, been removed from the market.