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Where are we now?

A quick tour of the stands at Lineapelle allows us to draw a picture of the overall perception of this historical moment. And between impressions and opinions that are also very different from each other, there is a climate of moderate caution

The National Cluster for the sectors of “Made in Italy”: SSIP joins Sistema Moda Italia

On 14 November 2017, the National Technological Cluster “Made in Italy” was founded in Milan; it involves the Experimental Station for Leather and Tanning Materials Industry, together with the representatives of the world of Textile/Clothing, Fashion Accessories and Furniture, as well as the main Italian Universities, CNR, Enea, and the most important Technological Centres of the sector

Dutch of Santa Croce

Smit & Zoon acquires Codyeco: a wider range of products and synergies to develop innovative solutions are in arrival

An ever-greener tanning

The studies and tests of LifeTan continue, the European project aimed at replacing the chemical products currently used in tanning with natural substances

The 20th UITIC Congress in Porto

Dal 16 al 18 maggio 2018, presso lo Sheraton Hotel della città portoghese, si svolgerà l’atteso appuntamento con il tradizionale congresso internazionale tecnico della calzatura, che avrà come tema “Dalla moda alla fabbrica: una nuova era tecnologica”

Transparent, odourless, colourless: is this really the case?

Wastewater, its management and impact: Venetian chemists discussed the technologies to protect water for a cleaner discharge

Leather Andina: Colombian bet

A new player has recently jumped into the Colombian tanning

AICC: an intense and successful year

Ernesto Pisoni, President of the Association of Leather Chemists, takes a look at 2017 with this open letter

IULTSC 2019: Appointment in Dresden

In 2019, the German city will host the 35th IULTCS Congress, which is already attracting the first major sponsors more than 18 months before its staging

The dragon leather

China is changing and the Shanghai event confirms this: the footwear industry slows down, automotive up and meanwhile they wait for the first results of the new sustainable policies. There is ferment in Asia, and the neighbouring countries are not sitting back and watching

ISA TanTec Heshan opens its doors to young high schoolers from Germany

ISA TanTec has shown its support to the educational system and local community in Heshan by participating in an interesting student exchange initiative

Shanghai, a starting point

A local fair for a global interest: ACLE 2017 took stock of the world leather industry.

Stahl believes in Italy and inaugurates a state-of-the-art Application Lab in the district of Valle del Chiampo

In Arzignano, the new application lab for automotive, leather goods, footwear and furniture

The leather of today approaches the market of tomorrow

On the eve of ACLE, the third World Leather Congress took stock of the current situation of the global market, in order to face ongoing changes

SSIP and Fondazione Mondragone: union makes culture

SSIP and Fondazione Mondragone sign an agreement for mutual cooperation aimed at launching research, production development and training projects in the field of clothing production

AICC: Training figures

For the Italian Association of Leather Chemists, conferences, technical meetings, seminars and training courses are a constant reminder of its presence on the territory, aimed at spreading the tanning culture

Lineapelle: Maps for the winter… that is coming

Lineapelle 93 presents the creations for next winter 2018/19: the most important international exhibition of the leather segment will take place in Milan from 4th to 6th October 2017

ISA TanTec launches its TrimTec production line in Saigon TanTec

The company will be one of the first leather label manufacturers in Vietnam.

ICAP at ACLE 2017: welcome to the future

ICAP Leather Chem brings new water-based products and other innovative products to Shanghai. The benefits, with the same effectiveness, are greater attention to the environment and high adherence to the fashion trends

ProssimaPelle 2017: research, analysis and methods

UNPAC celebrated the second edition of ProssimaPelle by bringing all the players in the chain to the same work table. With the aim of finding a common dialogue

Education in the company with Lapi Group

Education and the business world come together with the “Fabbriche Aperte” (“Open Factories”), the usual initiative of the Lapi Group held once again this year to guide students in their future development

Joint effort for the challenges of tomorrow

An interview with the President of AICC, Ernesto Pisoni, to discuss the goals achieved in the first year of his appointment and the strengths of an association characterized by the strong passion and commitment of its operators

AICC ready to face industry challenges

Waste treatment, sustainability and biodegradability: the 45th AICC National Conference focused on the future of research and the industry

Are appearances deceiving?

We participated in the event organised by Ars Tinctoria in collaboration with X-Rite, where an “ecosystem” of technologies able to give objectivity and measurability to the appearance of materials, in particular to leather, was presented

APLF, in the spirit of dynamism

In Hong Kong, from the 29th to the 31st of March 2017

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May 30, 2019

The new generation of antistatic conveyor belts

At the fair in Milan, Equitan presented the new version of its antistatic conveyors belts, known for the biconical shape […]

May 30, 2019

Automation and full process control

There are new important upgrades for “Obelix”, the largest drum in the world launched last year on the market by […]

May 30, 2019

One machine for everything

The best seller model in Aeffe Machinery is called Multifunction Evo. Its success has a simple explanation: the machine allows […]

May 30, 2019

The latest novelties for finishing and splitting

Gemata has launched Starface, a revolutionary patented roller machine expressly conceived for the application of the chemical product on the […]

May 30, 2019

Milling specialists

Founded in 2011 in the tanning district of Arzignano, Revomec designs, builds and market leather milling drums, specifically those in […]