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AICC: Training figures

For the Italian Association of Leather Chemists, conferences, technical meetings, seminars and training courses are a constant reminder of its presence on the territory, aimed at spreading the tanning culture

Lineapelle: Maps for the winter… that is coming

Lineapelle 93 presents the creations for next winter 2018/19: the most important international exhibition of the leather segment will take place in Milan from 4th to 6th October 2017

ISA TanTec launches its TrimTec production line in Saigon TanTec

The company will be one of the first leather label manufacturers in Vietnam.

ICAP at ACLE 2017: welcome to the future

ICAP Leather Chem brings new water-based products and other innovative products to Shanghai. The benefits, with the same effectiveness, are greater attention to the environment and high adherence to the fashion trends

ProssimaPelle 2017: research, analysis and methods

UNPAC celebrated the second edition of ProssimaPelle by bringing all the players in the chain to the same work table. With the aim of finding a common dialogue

Education in the company with Lapi Group

Education and the business world come together with the “Fabbriche Aperte” (“Open Factories”), the usual initiative of the Lapi Group held once again this year to guide students in their future development

Joint effort for the challenges of tomorrow

An interview with the President of AICC, Ernesto Pisoni, to discuss the goals achieved in the first year of his appointment and the strengths of an association characterized by the strong passion and commitment of its operators

AICC ready to face industry challenges

Waste treatment, sustainability and biodegradability: the 45th AICC National Conference focused on the future of research and the industry

Are appearances deceiving?

We participated in the event organised by Ars Tinctoria in collaboration with X-Rite, where an “ecosystem” of technologies able to give objectivity and measurability to the appearance of materials, in particular to leather, was presented

APLF, in the spirit of dynamism

In Hong Kong, from the 29th to the 31st of March 2017

Lineapelle, a positive outcome: Positivity and design

21 – 23 FEBRUARY – FIERAMILANO RHO Reinforcement of international leadership, with dynamic, positive entries

The dragon reawakens: encouraging results

After the big slowdown and the adoption of the new anti-pollution regulations passed by the government, cautious signs of recovery lead the Chinese market towards ACLE 2017

Gruppo Themasystem: always at the forefront

SIMAC 2017: The company from Montopoli participated with its two brands Thema and DasComar, presenting a novelty for each of them, convinced that it is necessary to always be proactive and at the forefront, for better serving the tanning industry.

KLF Tecnokimica: formaldehyde free leather

SIMAC 2017: Formaldehyde free leahters for KLF Tecnokimica, thanks to tanning and retanning auxiliaries that do not contain it in their active ingredients, in compliance with increasingly restrictive specifications.

Syn-Bios: inks in finishing

SIMAC 2017: Positive start of the Ink for Leather Spray series, an evolution dedicated to the finishing stage of the previous family for drum dyeing.

Erretre: new interface for total control

SIMAC 2017: The concept of keys to be pressed declines, commands are given with a scroll or swipe.

Silvateam: a culture of sustainability

SIMAC 2017: The sustainability principle has always been at the basis of the culture and history of Silvateam, a versatile Group specialised in the manufacturing of products for tanning, oenological use, animal nutrition, and for uses in the chemical, textile, oil and mining industries.

Dermochimica: Hydroil, a miracle oil

Dermochimica, a brand specialised in the production of green resins, chemicals and dyes for leather tanning and of tanning and finishing processes, inaugurates a new frontier of vegetable tanning with the Hydroil family.

Pajusco Tecnologies: new SMART drum

SIMAC 2017: The range of Pajusco Tecnologie broadens with the new SMART drum, of the Max Drum series; the Montebello (Vicenza) based company has been manufacturing machines for the tanning sector for over 50 years.

AEFFE Machinery: two WOW effect machines

Double novelty at the stand of AEFFE Machinery, a company specialized in drilling, carver and scaler machines, that is, imagination applied to leather.

Costruzioni Meccaniche Persico: success

SIMAC 2017: Through-feed fleshing machine’s success confirmed, latest update SP31/34

SC Costruzioni Meccaniche: tradition meets novelty

SIMAC 2017: There is satisfaction at SC Costruzioni Meccaniche, which has confirmed the success of its production, starting with Hairpress, the successful machine with compacting filter for hair recovery.

Spraytech: complete finishing line

SIMAC 2017: Spraytech presented a complete finishing line

Alpe SpA Officine: a heap of technology

SIMAC 2017: The Alpe stand was the showcase for the new shaving machine Matrix, whose main structure, beam and sharpening carriage have been made in one single unit in electro-welded steel, with heat treating to guarantee longer duration.

Nappi Group: it is time to restart

SIMAC 2017: Cautious optimism at Nappi Group, the group that includes the brands Rizzi-Flamar, SIT and Officine Nappi.

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Feb 22 - Feb 25, 2019
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Feb 07, 2019

In the tannery, there will soon be only refined recovery water

Reflectors are on the Aquarno purifier, an efficiency model that the world envies us

Feb 07, 2019

Automation in the management of drum departments

There are still many stages in the drum departments for liming, tanning or dyeing operations where the operator must intervene manually in repetitive actions that are not without health risks. Moreover, these manual phases slow down the production cycle and represent a source of unforeseen events, which neither guarantee the repeatability of results nor the quality constancy.

Feb 07, 2019

With passion since three generations

The Tuscan company is very appreciated for its machine offerings to work even the most delicate and difficult skins, such as crocodiles

Feb 07, 2019

Integrated solutions for every sector

With Enrico Gastaldello, we discover the strengths of a company that operates all over the world

Feb 07, 2019

Where fashion in born

A chemical and tannery company distinguished for its innovation and creativity