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China accounted for one quarter of all car sales worldwide

In 2017, all major car companies achieved positive results. All eyes are on the Chinese market, but the European market is also growing (+3.3%)

US leather market: not bad the outlook for 2018

U.S. Hides and Skins market situation. Last year US exports showed an increase of 7% in value for salted hides, but a decrease of -4% in wet blue. The outlook for next months will depend on the rate of recovery in global demand for leather.

Some go up, some go down

A brief look at the latest data from the world’s leading production centres shows an interesting insight into the future trends and prospects of the international leather market

China: it’s an adjustment year

A (huge) market undergoing a phase of stabilization: this is how you can see the historical momentum of the leather […]

UNIC: the extraordinary history of the Italian tanning industry

The annual general meeting of UNIC – Unione Nazionale Industria Conciaria (Italian Tanners’ Association) talked about a living, vital, sustainable industry characterised by remarkable “biodiversity

Highs and lows of French tanning

Fluctuating results – however, in line with the 2017 global trend – characterised the first half of the year of French exports, as evidenced by the report published at the end of September by the Conseil National du Cuir

Italian Tannery Biodiversity, alive and vital

The 2016 industry balance closed almost in line with that of the previous year, recording a very limited decrease in terms of quantity and value

The dragon reawakens: encouraging results

After the big slowdown and the adoption of the new anti-pollution regulations passed by the government, cautious signs of recovery lead the Chinese market towards ACLE 2017

Prossimapelle, a round table on the “leather that will be”

The leather sector meets in Santa Croce to discuss potential forms of cooperation

Sustainability: what is the future for tanneries?

“Tannery of the Future” is a practical self-assessment tool to allow tanneries to get a clear idea of what actions and improvements are needed to better meet the new market demands. Smit&Zoon is one of the promoters.

SSIP: A station of opportunity

«I want the Station to become a generator of advanced services for the entire industrial chain», is the pledge of Edoardo Imperiale, the new General Manager of the neapolitan Insitute. In these pages he shares the goals of his office.


Agreeable or disagreeable? Good or bad? Right or wrong? A reactionary or just an appreciator of America First?

Positive signs for the Italian tanning industry

A slight decline, but noting traumatic. The market shows signs of stabilising and some interesting possibilities are opening up for 2017.

AICC: A year of meetings

One of the main goals of the AICC for 2017 is to intensify technological moments and events. Conferences, technical meetings, training seminars are a constant reminder of the Association’s presence on the territory, aimed at promoting the tanning culture

China, the giant in footwear

Interview with CLIA President Li Yuzhong.

World Leather Congress 2017: what awaits us tomorrow?

The World Leather Congress scheduled for 29 August 2017 in Shanghai, one day before the ACLE 2017, aims to outline the possible scenarios for the coming years

According to Conseil National du Cuir, 2016 is the year of change for France

Data from the Conseil National du Cuir show a positive first half for French exports, which grew by almost 7% […]

Bye Bye Europe: now what?

A report by Lineapelle takes stock of the first consequences of Britain’s decision to exit the EU. With the possible […]

Learning from perfumed gloves

Heavy and obvious branding is being replaced by an emphasis on quality. At a difficult time for the leather industry in all sectors, this is one outstandingly good message. We cannot live by loosely defined “luxury” where price conscious food stores purport to sell “luxury sausages”, but properly made leather can serve a small luxury sector and is perfectly placed for the level below where true quality goods are sought out by consumers.

Ars Arpel Group & Fotoshoe Group: 1+1=1

Together means being real protagonists on the international panorama of footwear, leather goods, accessories and components, materials and technology, without forgetting about a solid web presence, that becomes more and more important

The annual UNIC – National Union of the Tanning Industry meeting marked a decisive break away from the management style of […]

Lean years for US exports

The figures confirm the difficult economic situation for exports of American hides in value terms, with a decrease of the 13.2%

French exports, between successes and uncertainties

An analysis by Conseil National du Cuir shows a fragmented market, where footwear exports grew, while raw hides continued to sit on the fence

A waste not to be wasted

Is hair recovery really impossible? Or it is just an economic or organisational problem? An issue that needs to be considered carefully, which would limit the purification of baths full of potentially useful substances

New Stahl lab in Pakistan

Stahl opens a new Application Lab in Karachi, Pakistan

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Sep 28, 2018

Metal-free? you’ll be amazed by KLF Tecnokimica!

The metal-free tanning process developed by KLF Tecnokimica is technically – and economically – one of the most interesting and complete solutions available on the market today.

Sep 28, 2018

MITICO’s project for a new tanning agent

A mixed group of companies, research centre and university is developing new technologies for the production of metal-free tanned leather

Sep 28, 2018

Training and research at the forefront for Italian Leather Research Institute

The projects envisaged by the relaunch plan of the Italian Leather Research Institute was also presented in London and New York

Sep 28, 2018

Sani & Testai: a leading brand in the relaunch phase

Its laboratory drums are present in practically every Italian tannery and chemical company, impossible not to have noticed them. Sani […]

Sep 28, 2018

Nuti Ivo Group: a brand-new tannery

Equipped with the most advanced technologies, the new facility in Santa Croce is dedicated to finishing, and will make a 20% increase in production possible. The Tuscan group has invested eight million euros.