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Quality and sustainability of SYN-BIOS pigments

SYN-BIOS has always promoted eco-friendly solutions aimed at protecting and respecting the environment, and continually invests in human resources to achieve the best organisational, environmental and safety standards.

ICEC and CSCB join forces for sustainability certification in the leather industry

The two institutions of Italy and Brazil have signed a partnership agreement regarding environmental, social and economic issues in leather production.

ACLE, more buyers expected from ASEAN member states

For the 21st edition of the event to be held in Shanghai from 29 to 31 August, the organisers of the All China Leather Exhibition expect buyers not only from the tanneries and manufacturing industries of China, but also an increasing number of participants from the countries of South-East Asia, which represent an increasingly important leather goods and footwear manufacturing industry, thanks to their rising numbers.

US leather market: not bad the outlook for 2018

U.S. Hides and Skins market situation. Last year US exports showed an increase of 7% in value for salted hides, but a decrease of -4% in wet blue. The outlook for next months will depend on the rate of recovery in global demand for leather.

The role of IULTCS must continue to grow

Interview with Thomas C. J. Yu, new-elected President of CHEMISTS’ UNION

Tanners do not get enough for their leather

It’s fundamental to avoid driving leather into a commodity price bracket

Countdown for REACH

The 31 May 2018 deadline appears to be a problematic one and many fear consequences for the tanning industry due to the impossibility of finding commonly used substances for which registration was not required and which have, therefore, been removed from the market.

Italian Tannery Biodiversity, alive and vital

The 2016 industry balance closed almost in line with that of the previous year, recording a very limited decrease in terms of quantity and value

SSIP: New Station between research and innovation

The Experimental Station is implementing a series of initiatives and projects in order to support the whole supply chain in this transitional phase and let it become a leading actor within the ‘Industria 4.0’ plan launched by the Government

Stahl acquires BASF’s Leather Chemical Division

Through the acquisition of the Basf Leather Chemicals, Stahl becomes field leader aiming at achieving a more transparent supply chain in order to keep environmental footprint under control.

SF Officina Meccanica: “This leather is a parchment!”

SIMAC 2017: A texture with a lightly grained crepe, with a “parchment effect”, soft to the touch and pleasing to the eye: this is what the new Boarding Machine Tex 2000 presented by SF Officina Meccanica at the Milanese event.

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Aug 24 - Aug 26, 2018
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Jun 12, 2018

Obelix, largest drum in the world

The Inox Mill Plus has also been renewed and upgraded

Jun 12, 2018

The market likes the new spray booth

Barnini had excellent results at the recent Simac Tanning Tech 2018 tradeshow, where leather sector operators showed great interest in […]

Jun 12, 2018

SuperVario, the press for deep grain leather

The company from Veneto, which is investing in a new building to expand its production, introduces the particular technical characteristics of its new machine for ironing and printing

Jun 12, 2018

Innovation Award for the Environment

Lanxess has been honored with the 2017 German Innovation Award for Climate and the Environment. State Secretary at Ministry for […]

Jun 12, 2018

A company that grows in an increasingly uncertain market

The company has just obtained the LWG Certification for environmental sustainability