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The new Italian Leather Research Institute for the competitive strengthening of the sector

The national programme to support ‘Made in Italy’ promoted by the Leather Research Institute: “Leather Technologies to Fashion Sustainability”.

The new challenges: chemical compliance and younger consumers

There was a huge involvement in the conference on “emerging risks” of the leather supply chain held in Hong Kong on March 14. ARS Tannery covered the event, as media sponsor.

The decisive step of sustainability

The goal is obviously still very far and the crossroads to be faced are many, but companies are now moving through projects and with a look on the many issues that characterise the theme.

“Team play in the leather sector is fundamental”

FGL International produces a complete range of innovative and effective chemical products for tanning and retanning phases.

PEF measures the environmental footprint

ICEC has already begun experimenting with tanneries in order to reach the appropriate PEF certification

Products and processes with a view to circular economy

Founded in 1981 in Castelfranco di Sotto (Pisa), in the heart of the Tuscan tanning district, Dermacolor specialises in the production of chemical auxiliaries for the wet tanning phases and for the finishing of leathers.

The environmental commitment has its return on image and not only on that

Today the Venetian tannery is perceived by the fashion market as a company with reduced operational risks

Innovation is the key to success

Focusing on chemistry for leather processing, ICAP Leather Chem produces a complete range of quality products such as acrylic resins, polyurethane resins, urethane-acrylic polymers, lacquers, protein binders, pigments, oils, waxes, compounds.

We work for a more transparent supply chain

Stahl is working on a wide range of projects linked to transparency and sustainability with several industry associations, universities and other partners. With 11 R&D centers around the world, employing almost 100 technical staff, Stahl’s product research is aimed at providing high performance solutions that reduce the environmental footprint.

First of all transparency

With 197 years of history, the Dutch company Smit & zoon is a leading global supplier of wet-end and finishing leather chemicals for tanneries with focus on innovation and sustainability and a long-term vision.

The challenge is on the competition

Dietrich Tegtmeyer is Vice President at Lanxess. He started his long career as a chemist in 1989 and today is one of the most well-known leather experts in the world.

We join forces to defend leather

Performing and absolutely safe products to protect the user and the environment. We are talking about GSC Group, a chemical-tanning company of Arzignano that operates on the international market with valuable and well-known brands such as Exel, Letex, Vandoni, Ber Chimica.

Quality and sustainability of SYN-BIOS pigments

SYN-BIOS has always promoted eco-friendly solutions aimed at protecting and respecting the environment, and continually invests in human resources to achieve the best organisational, environmental and safety standards.

ICEC and CSCB join forces for sustainability certification in the leather industry

The two institutions of Italy and Brazil have signed a partnership agreement regarding environmental, social and economic issues in leather production.

Italian Leather Research Institute, the ongoing research

Italian Leather Research Institute, the ongoing research

Communication and education are the key answers

Christine Powley-Williams, SATRA assistant director-commercial, speaks about the new challenges

Tannery, an example of circular economy

Domenico Castiello illustrates the activities of PO.TE.CO, the scientific pole of the Tuscan leather district

“Leather, a constant challenge“

Interview with Michael Meyer, head of leather dept. at FILK institute

Not costs but savings

A talk with Yves Morin, CTC CEO & UITIC president

Tanners do not get enough for their leather

It’s fundamental to avoid driving leather into a commodity price bracket

Countdown for REACH

The 31 May 2018 deadline appears to be a problematic one and many fear consequences for the tanning industry due to the impossibility of finding commonly used substances for which registration was not required and which have, therefore, been removed from the market.

Sustainable Leather Campaign for a cleaner future   

With only two years to go, brands and tanners are being challenged to meet the Zero Discharge Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) goals: the elimination of all hazardous chemicals in the whole production process of the global textile, leather and footwear value chain

Sustainability is a shared goal

Zero discharge of hazardous chemical substances in the fashion supply chain: this is ZDHC’s roadmap which also sees the participation of the UNIC (Italian Tanners’ Association)


The leather tanned with Stahl EasyWhite Tan™ looks to a more sustainable future for fashion, as demanded by an increasing number of consumers

AICC: Purification of Tanning Water

Wastewater: a delicate topic important to leather chemists. An analysis of the entire production process, the substances used and sludge, in order to continue and to implement improvements already achieved over time

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Mar 19, 2019

“Team play in the leather sector is fundamental”

FGL International produces a complete range of innovative and effective chemical products for tanning and retanning phases.

Mar 19, 2019

The challenge is the global leather demand

Stephen Sothmann, president of USHSLA, the American hides and skins traders’ association, answers the questions of ARSUTORIA Tannery commenting 2018 results, the impact on leather sector of US-China trade war and future prospects.

Mar 19, 2019

PEF measures the environmental footprint

ICEC has already begun experimenting with tanneries in order to reach the appropriate PEF certification

Mar 19, 2019

Hong Kong is focusing on sustainability

Aware that the fashion world is increasingly sensitive to sustainability issues, APLF turns the spotlight on the theme and aims to create a great “business community” where everyone undertakes to incorporate issues like traceability, sustainable production, waste reuse.

Mar 19, 2019

Delighting the consumer with leather

The world has flipped, and perhaps it evidences the fact that we need to flip our thinking