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MEC MAN “donates” a dryer to the Galilei Institute of Arzignano

A few days ago Mec Man delivered a vacuum dryer in laboratory version to the Galileo Galilei Institute of Arzignano.

Vacuum dryers for all sizes

From size S to size XXL. Mec Man presents MecPack and MecGiant: the smallest and the largest of its vacuum dryers, designed and built to meet all drying needs.

Automation in the management of drum departments

There are still many stages in the drum departments for liming, tanning or dyeing operations where the operator must intervene manually in repetitive actions that are not without health risks. Moreover, these manual phases slow down the production cycle and represent a source of unforeseen events, which neither guarantee the repeatability of results nor the quality constancy.

With passion since three generations

The Tuscan company is very appreciated for its machine offerings to work even the most delicate and difficult skins, such as crocodiles

Thema System: experts in leather conditioning

Thema System is a Tuscan company specialising in leather conditioning systems.

El.Pa. Service finishing, the details that make the difference

EL.PA. Service obtained important market results as over recent months it has installed numerous finishing lines complete with HYDROSPRAY water curtain cabins and EPOCAL dry cabins equipped with automatic colour change system in many important Italian and foreign tanning complexes.

Mec Man, the specialists in leather drying

Today, the Venetian company designs and constructs cutting-edge systems for drying leathers, while also continuing to provide maintenance services and technical assistance to tanneries located around the globe.

Sani & Testai: a leading brand in the relaunch phase

Its laboratory drums are present in practically every Italian tannery and chemical company, impossible not to have noticed them. Sani […]

WegaWin is much more than an electronic measuring machine

WegaWin’s success is explained by the wide range of functionalities that make it a real tannery control and data processing centre

AEFFE Machinery: “We like to amaze”

The Tuscan company, led by Federico Pasqualetti, has come, in just a few years, to the attention of the international market for the fashion stimuli that its machinery can offer to tanneries, shoe factories and leather factories.

HOTMIX, heated mixing plants by S.C. Costruzioni Meccaniche

They are plants conceived to optimize mixing (and dosing too) of numerous chemical substances .

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Mar 19, 2019

“Team play in the leather sector is fundamental”

FGL International produces a complete range of innovative and effective chemical products for tanning and retanning phases.

Mar 19, 2019

The challenge is the global leather demand

Stephen Sothmann, president of USHSLA, the American hides and skins traders’ association, answers the questions of ARSUTORIA Tannery commenting 2018 results, the impact on leather sector of US-China trade war and future prospects.

Mar 19, 2019

PEF measures the environmental footprint

ICEC has already begun experimenting with tanneries in order to reach the appropriate PEF certification

Mar 19, 2019

Hong Kong is focusing on sustainability

Aware that the fashion world is increasingly sensitive to sustainability issues, APLF turns the spotlight on the theme and aims to create a great “business community” where everyone undertakes to incorporate issues like traceability, sustainable production, waste reuse.

Mar 19, 2019

Delighting the consumer with leather

The world has flipped, and perhaps it evidences the fact that we need to flip our thinking