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The new milling drums Black Line® are still top secret

Erretre is proud to announce the development of a new generation of milling drums that are set for distribution right after Tanning Tech 2018

More safety in tanning with “Due Diligence”

A European survey to understand the problems and to improve the quality of tanning.

Objective of Sustainability for Stahl

From the launch of the Sustainable Leather Campaign, to the closing of the BASF transaction, to the opening of a new Lab in Arzignano: many innovations at the house of Stahl, which aims at an increasingly eco-friendly chemistry

AICC: Purification of Tanning Water

Wastewater: a delicate topic important to leather chemists. An analysis of the entire production process, the substances used and sludge, in order to continue and to implement improvements already achieved over time

Imaginalis: X-Ray quality

The technology developed by Imaginalis allows performing exams, tests, inspections and measurements on samples and suppliers, in the name of the best possible product.

Xavier Rafols about the introduction of Stahl Neo

Xavier Rafols, Group Director Leather Finish at Stahl, about the introduction of Stahl Neo

Associazione Conciatori Santa Croce – New customers for new market segments

At the annual shareholders’ meeting, Chairman Franco Donati defined the actual moment of Santa Croce and provided some very useful indications […]

Biosur – A winning resource

After the experimental phase of Biosur Project, last June were presented the final reports of the plant operating at Cuoiodepur A few […]

Social responsibility: challenges and opportunities for the world footwear industry

Hosted for the first time by China, the UITIC Congress put the spotlight on complex matters that are becoming highly topical and include various issues such as sustainability environment, work conditions, training and technological innovation. Experts from all over the world spoke about the questions from many points of view

A leather umbrella thanks to the lotus leaf effect

A study by Stefani Chimis to make leather more waterproof

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Mar 12, 2018

Not costs but savings

A talk with Yves Morin, CTC CEO & UITIC president

Mar 12, 2018

US leather market: not bad the outlook for 2018

U.S. Hides and Skins market situation. Last year US exports showed an increase of 7% in value for salted hides, but a decrease of -4% in wet blue. The outlook for next months will depend on the rate of recovery in global demand for leather.

Mar 12, 2018

The role of IULTCS must continue to grow

Interview with Thomas C. J. Yu, new-elected President of CHEMISTS’ UNION

Mar 12, 2018

Tanners do not get enough for their leather

It’s fundamental to avoid driving leather into a commodity price bracket

Mar 12, 2018

Countdown for REACH

The 31 May 2018 deadline appears to be a problematic one and many fear consequences for the tanning industry due to the impossibility of finding commonly used substances for which registration was not required and which have, therefore, been removed from the market.