Dresden, the “Call for papers” has begunThe scientific committee of the International Congress of Leather Chemists is in the process of selecting the research papers to be presented from 25 to 28 June 2019

Oct 23, 2018
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With the launch of the so-called “Call for Papers” the hot phase for the organisation of the XXXV IULTCS Congress, the most important international forum for leather chemists, has officially opened. The Congress will take place in Dresden (Germany) from 25 to 28 June 2019. Those interested in attending the event as technical-scientific speakers are invited to submit a brief but comprehensive summary (about 2,700 characters) of their presentation to the technical-scientific committee of the Congress chaired by Michael Meyer, Research Director at FILK Freiberg, by 15 January 2018.

As usual, the IULTCS Congress is organised by the current host, in this case, the German Leather Technicians and Chemists Association (VGCT), chaired by Martin Heise (Trumpler) together with the deputy chairman Beate Haaser (Südleder). It is sure to be a rewarding experience because every year the VGCT organises the “Freiberg Leather Days”, a very popular technical-scientific event that in June 2018 saw the participation of 240 delegates from 22 different countries.

The title chosen for the 2019 IULTCS Congress is “Benign by Design” – Leather – a Future through Science and Sustainability. A broad theme, meaning that the Congress aims to be a source of inspiration and innovation for the entire industry, starting from design and arriving at presenting the most interesting technical and scientific advancements related to leather processing in a perspective of increasing sustainability.

The Congress will take place at the International Congress Centre (ICD) of Dresden. The city, located in the Elbe river valley, is said to be one of the prettiest cities in Germany with its historic centre: the Zwinger and the Semper Opera House, the Royal Palace, Frauenkirche and Brühl’s Terrace forming the typical “Canaletto View Silhouette”.

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