Dutch of Santa CroceSmit & Zoon acquires Codyeco: a wider range of products and synergies to develop innovative solutions are in arrival

Jan 02, 2018
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From Italy to the Netherlands, from Santa Croce to Weesp: Codyeco, a historic chemical company of the Tuscan district, came under the control of Smit & Zoon which, announced its acquisition at the beginning of November. The chemical industry is in turmoil and faces 2018 with several new balances. Beyond the economic aspects, this transfer represents an opportunity for progress for both brands, which have a complementary and non-conflictual positioning.

“Smit & Zoon is specifically strong in the areas of automotive and upholstery leathers, while Codyeco’s main strength lies in the luxury shoe and leather goods segment,” explained Hans van Haarst, CEO of Smit & Zoon. “The two companies can now complement each other.” For Codyeco, this is a step towards the future while looking back to the past, as Marc Smit, owner of the Dutch company pointed out. “Ours is a 7th generation family business. Before its acquisition by Star Capital in 2013, Codyeco was also a family owned business. With the new acquisition, the employees of Santa Croce will go back to being part of a family business.”

From this combination, Smit & Zoon will be able to benefit from Codyeco’s in-depth knowledge of dyes, wet-end and finishing products, and also from its ability – typically Italian – to interpret the fashion trends. For its part, Codyeco will find itself in a global and widespread network that carries a complete range of fatliquors, syntans, syntans and pigments. “Our ambition is to make the leather value chain more sustainable,” said César Knebel, CEO of Codyeco. “We can achieve this objective by having a bigger impact, made possible by the sharing of the network of loyal customers and the R&D activities of both brands.”

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Smit & Zoon develops and produces chemicals used in the manufacturing and finishing of leather for well-known brands of shoes, […]

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