Education in the company with Lapi GroupEducation and the business world come together with the “Fabbriche Aperte” (“Open Factories”), the usual initiative of the Lapi Group held once again this year to guide students in their future development

Aug 29, 2017
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This year, the companies of the Lapi Group have repeated the “Fabbriche Aperte” (“Open Factories”) initiative for students of the Technical Institutes of the district. Nearly one hundred students were welcomed by the technical staff and researchers to get a first-hand view of the reality of what they studied in the classroom, i.e. the application of chemistry in large industrial processes: from textbook notions to the practice of wide-scale production. The initiative is also an opportunity for students to get in contact with the different professional skills requested by the business world, in order to guide future graduates in their training path and in making a conscious choice on their future career.

Twenty students of III class (Specialization in Tanning Techniques) from the IT Carlo Cattaneo of San Miniato were given a guided tour inside the production facilities of FGL International, Figli di Guido Lapi, Toscolapi, Finikem. The next day, another 40 students, also from the Cattaneo Institute but with a specialisation in Chemistry and Materials (the project is intelligently aimed at the student’s study course), visited the Gi-Elle-Emme tannery in Ponte a Egola, specializing in the production of leather for soles. They were given a demonstration of the procedures and traditional techniques of slow tanning in vats, in synergy with an automated and innovative industrial process. Finally, Lapi Gelatine Spa of Empoli opened its doors to 37 4th year students from the Ferraris-Brunelleschi School of Empoli, to show them how important it is to always be open to changes coming from market evolutions.

This historical company was born in the 1970s as a glue manufacturer, and has successfully evolved its gelatine production lines using bovine hides and fish skins destined for the pharmaceutical and food sector.

Lapi Group

In the middle of the tannery district the core business of  Lapi Group has always been chemicals for the tanning […]

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