El.Pa. Service finishing, the details that make the differenceEL.PA. Service obtained important market results as over recent months it has installed numerous finishing lines complete with HYDROSPRAY water curtain cabins and EPOCAL dry cabins equipped with automatic colour change system in many important Italian and foreign tanning complexes.

Oct 05, 2018
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The finishing lines of the Venetian company have earned the appreciation of the users for the significant results offered in terms of production efficiency and low environmental impact, as well as being in line with the requirements of the Industry 4.0 plan, which facilitates the amortisation.

Amongst the strong points of the spray booths, we must undoubtedly mention the HX-300 very low pressure gun, which proves to be a versatile product able to satisfy a wide range of processes, reducing to the maximum the chemical waste (up to 30% less) derived from a high transfer rate directly on the skin, almost completely blocking out the overspray in the cabin.

The Jet System water film system is also very important, designed to provide a water flow at high speed and volume, which is totally splash free and guarantees the almost complete particle capture derived from the overspray towards the recirculation tank (the particular waterfalls generate a water veil that “washes” the air before being treated by the filtration system).

Specifically designed to offer the best results in very small spaces, the Airclean 15 damper uses three filtration levels and a filtering surface increased by more than 50%, compared to the standards that maximize its effectiveness by reducing the environmental impact.

Amongst the flagship products of EL.PA. should also be mentioned the ED-2F oven. Indispensable for the automotive sector thanks to its triple air filtration system, it stands out for its small size and the drying of leather in an always clean environment, being therefore ideal also for the most delicate production steps.


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From the very beginning ,the company established in 1997 has paid a high attention to the demand for an increasingly […]

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