EL.PA. Service: cleanliness, efficiency, sustainability and productivitySince its foundation in 1997, the company located in the province of Vicenza has become one of the reference points for the tanning sector at international level, thanks to an advanced machinery inventory and to a competent and professional staff.

Mar 17, 2017
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Following the attention that is increasingly given to low environmental impact, the company from Veneto reached an important goal by ending 2016 with many installations of finishing lines with HYDROSPRAY water base spray booths that, combined with HX-300 low pressure spray guns and the new AIRCLEAN 15 dust purifier, mark a real turning point in the actual emission of pollutants into the atmosphere, increasing, as a consequence, the savings derived from the lower use of sprayed product, obtaining excellent results even for the most demanding customers.




HX-300 low pressure spray gun

Thanks to the technical solutions adopted in the designing and developing stage by EL.PA. Service, HX-300 turns out to be a versatile product capable of satisfying a wide range of processings, reducing at the most the waste of chemicals derived from a high transfer rate directly on leather, almost nullifying the overspray in the booth. HX-300 offers a facilitated  maintenance for a continuous efficiency. It was designed using the experience built up over the years by EL.PA. Service, which has always been in close touch with final users; as a matter of fact, the ordinary maintenance operations are extremely simplified and particularly inexpensive, therefore granting the spray gun an operational longevity that is higher than commercial standards.




HYDROSPRAY water base spray booth

Thanks to the overlapping sliding doors, for a total access inside the booth, the 16-way rotating distributor placed on the upper part of the machine, the innovative water base JET SYSTEM that guarantees a constant cleaning on the inside and its clean and essential design, HYDROSPRAY reaches incomparable cleanliness and operational efficiency standards. Ideal for any kind of processing, but essential for the highest qualitative standards, HYDROSPRAY represents the most suitable choice to face the current production challenges.

The water base JET SYSTEM, designed to provide a high-velocity, high-volume water flow COMPLETELY DEVOID OF SPLASHES, guarantees the almost absolute collection of particles derived by the overspray towards the recycling tank. The particular cascades create a water film that “cleans” the air before being treated by the filtration system.

The inside of the booth, rigorously in stainless steel, as per the production standards labeled EL.PA. Service, is clean and essential. Interestingly, the rotating distributor is not located inside the work area, which enables the water film to completely cover the entire area sprayed. Cleanliness, efficiency, sustainability and productivity are the four key points that characterize the HYDROSPRAY water base spraying booth.




AIRCLEAN 15 dust purifier

Designed to offer the best result in extremely reduced spaces, the AIRCLEAN 15 dust purifier is a natural evolution of the current systems because it is efficient and easy to clean and service. The presence of 3 filtration levels on its inside and of a filtration surface increased by over 50% than standards, enables the machine to capture a considerable amount of particles reducing the environmental impact.




ED 2-F dryer

Indispensable for the automotive sector thanks to its triple air filtration system, the ED-2F dryer distinguishes itself for its small size and its ability to dry processed leathers without any dirt, preventing the deposition of impurities on leathers.

As a matter of fact, before being introduced into the machine the air passes through a first filter that avoids the ingestion of impurities from the working environment. Then, two other filters (one located before the exchanger and the other before the impact of hot air on leather) eliminate any other particle, making the drying environment always clean and ready for the most delicate processings.


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From the very beginning ,the company established in 1997 has paid a high attention to the demand for an increasingly […]

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