Evidence of a general recovery from Pitti ImageThe four days of Pitti Immagine Uomo 93 ended with excellent results in terms of numbers and quality of contents presented at Fortezza da Basso and around the city.

Feb 17, 2018
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The edition registered a significant increase (+2.5%) compared to last January, with almost 25,000 buyers arriving at the fair (600 more than a year ago), and an overall number of visitors exceeding the expected 36,000

The lively and proactive atmosphere for the menswear, accessories and lifestyle collections was the best starting point for the new season of international fashion.

“It was a very positive outcome, both in terms of numbers and in the lively atmosphere that we have seen in these days”,

said Raffaello Napoleone, CEO of Pitti Immagine.

“Once again, I would like to highlight the great work done by the exhibiting companies, the research, innovation, manufacturing excellence and stylistic quality they managed to express in their collections. The immediate feedback conveys the dynamic feeling in the Fortezza and the city. Of course, this was combined with the great satisfaction for the number and importance of the buyers in attendance: all the best shops and international department stores and the most important online shops. The satisfaction and positive mood of the event was strengthened by a jam-packed and multifaceted calendar of events and special projects, anniversaries and international premieres, as well as many initiatives aimed at promoting up-and-coming brands and young designers”.


Foreign buyers grew by 4% (more than 9,200 international buyers in total) with excellent performances from Korea (+14%), Russia (+31%), France (+3.5%), the Netherlands (+15%), Japan (+3%), United States (+20% in the number of shops), Turkey (+23%), Austria (+8%) and Portugal. Relatively new markets such as Mexico, Australia, Brazil and India did very well. Among the northern European countries, the results for Norway and Finland (Guest Nation of this edition) stood out, but perhaps the most surprising aspect was the exploits of the whole area of Eastern Europe (Poland doubled its buyers, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia), followed by the Balkans (Serbia, Slovenia and Croatia), and ending with Estonia in the Baltic area. The numbers for the Italian market (+1.5%) were also comforting, with around 15,750 registered buyers.


The ranking of the 15 most important markets represented at Pitti Uomo saw Japan (823 buyers) return to first place, followed by Germany (816), United Kingdom (604), the Netherlands (575), Spain (565), Turkey (472), France (429), China (320), Switzerland (307), Korea (302), United States (301), Russia (273), Belgium (255), Austria (176) and Sweden (171).


There was a lot of interest and extremely positive feedback from the press and buyers for the new features at the Fortezza da Basso – such as the Athlovers project in collaboration with Reda, Finland as Guest Nation, up-and-coming brands in the Tokyo Fashion Awards, as well as numerous previews and debuts in the various sections of the fair.

The program of special events in the city was jam-packed with fashion shows by the special guest, Undercover and TAKAHIROMIYASHITATheSoloist, the Brooks Brothers special event for the brand’s 200th anniversary, the fashion shows of M1992 and Magliano, the finale of the International Woolmark Prize, the Concept Korea event with catwalk shows by Beyond Closet and Bmuet(te), the presentation of the cult magazine 032c collection, the performance by Les Benjamins, the opening of the Gucci Garden, the Lanificio Luigi Ricceri event at the Galleria dell’Accademia, and much more.


Among the trends seen in the leather sector, the heritage style is confirmed which brings excitement by drawing on an extensive archive as a source of creative inspiration and a past intended as a technical limit to be overcome.

The collections are exclusive and handmade by skilled artisans able to combine the practices of an ancient know-how with a contemporary look. Fine, exotic, hand-processed hides enhance men’s cosmopolitan business bags or accessories for the new dandy, while shoes created in laboratories rich in history dictate the evergreen, yet innovative trends.

A new dress code highlighted in this edition is the luxury underground dress code of spiritual-metropolitan nomads, where leather shoes and bags combine with innovative high-tech fabrics.

On the feet, trekking boots or high-top urban sneakers are revisited with contrasting stitching and padding, that mix Nordic design and Italian knowhow and blend the borders between beauty and functionality.

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