Expo Riva Schuh confirms expectations

Expo Riva Schuh confirms the claim “The fair that moves the world”, and over the four days from 12 to 15 January 2019, it allowed 1,469 companies from the most important international production hubs to meet up with 13 thousand visitors from 100 different nations.

Jan 18, 2019
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91_edition_exporivaschuh_05The international scope of the event and its ability to interpret the most important on-going trends in the market were confirmed. Moreover, the main international production hubs were all present at the latest edition: in addition to Italy, which had the home court advantage, Chinese and Indian manufacturers were especially prominent as the protagonists of their own special pavilions. There were then collectives from nations like Brazil, Portugal, and Spain, but also emerging realities from Tunisia, Turkey, and Lithuania. The fruit 91_edition_exporivaschuh_14of an attentive analysis of on-going trends in the sector was instead entrusted to the opening talk, which this edition was dedicated to the Digital Revolution, and to opportunities and open network risks, with the contribution of costume and fashion journalist Cinzia Malvini and influencer Sabrina Musco. An interesting debate that was echoed by business at the fair, which remained ever flexible in intercepting market trends.

Exhibitors capably offered buyers not only a comprehensive proposal with their FW 19/20 collections, but also solutions for fast fashion and the needs of e-commerce. As far as trends are concerned, the market especially favoured the western style and 80’s-90’s revival mood for women, the athleisure style characterised by bold shapes and bright colours for men, while the children’s proposal was playful, with chunky sneakers copied from their parents.

Am91_edition_exporivaschuh_24ong the fair’s visitors, there were also 40 delegates coming from France, Poland, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary and Croatia, as the protagonists of the incoming services organized with the support of the ICE Italian Trade Agency and MISE.edition_exporivaschuh_10

The original formula of the “widespread fair” with the Trade Fair District, PalaCongressi, and the hotels chosen by brands that prefer to meet up with clientele on a one-to-one basis, once again promoted Expo Riva Schuh, which completed its offering with the selection of bags proposed at Gardabags. Now in its second edition, the event’s celebrity sponsor was style coach Carla Gozzi, as the protagonist of two events: the “Share your Bags” competition and the talk show the “Dream Bag”.

Flexibility, along with a unique and comprehensive offering of accessories –shoes and bags – make Expo Riva Schuh the not-to-be-missed event.

The next edition will be held from 15 to 18 June 2019.

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