Focus on compliant and certified productsThe Tuscan company has aligned its offer with the ZDHC requirements and presents two separate colour ranges for metal-free dyes

Jun 12, 2018
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“Today, it makes no sense to develop beautiful leather that lacks the technical requirements requested by the market. Until recently, certain requests from designer brands seemed unfeasible or negligible, but this is no longer the case, the sustainability train has been launched and will never stop. To stay in the marketplace, it is essential to adapt,” says Andrea Meucci, Technical Manager of Dermacolor, as well as member of the UNPAC technical committee for research and innovation, chemist and regulatory expert.


“Today’s articles must first of all meet the technical specifications of fashion companies, which are becoming more and more restrictive,” explains Meucci. “For this reason, at Dermacolor we are focusing on the more technical aspects of a product, providing tanneries with an even wider and more effective service”.

In addition to having undertaken the path of internal certification through its “Green Tag”, the Tuscan company has joined the “ZDHC” programme aimed at eliminating harmful chemicals and is about to insert a whole series of fully-compliant products into the ZDHC Gateway. This is a major investment by Dermacolor, which involved revising its internal range developed over the years, of course also to meet the upcoming REACH deadlines.

At the latest Tanning Tech, Dermacolor debuted two separate colour charts for dyes: one relating to metal-complex products for chrome tanning and one for metal-free dyes for vegetable and metal-free tanning. “This makes it easier for customers to choose”.

What sector is the driving force today?  “We are focused on footwear, but in recent years we have had excellent developments in vegetable tanning mainly regarding handbags and belts. We also follow the furniture and automotive sectors, but only indirectly through dealers”.

For the next season, Dermacolor has also developed a new series of metal-free articles, and in particular with regards to white leather for sneakers. “We propose new retanning agents for wet-blue leather that are very effective and free of titanium dioxide,” concludes Meucci.


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