The future is written in the pastA day of reflection among the excavations of Pompeii and the new SSIP headquarters in Pozzuoli

Feb 05, 2019
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“The Future of the Past” was the title of the third “ReVeal” event dedicated to discussing the issues of the leather supply chain, which was organised by the Stahl chemical group on 18 October 2018 in Naples in close collaboration with The Italian Tanners’ Association (UNIC). A meeting whose title already gave an idea of the desire to start from the past to launch the challenge of innovation, underlining the fact that “tanneries today use the most modern technologies and industrial techniques, while honouring their handcrafted tradition.” It is no coincidence that the day began with a visit to the ancient tannery found in the excavations of Pompeii, the restoration of which has now entered its second phase thanks to the efforts of UNIC.  An occasion for reflection that, starting from the oldest tradition, moved to discussing the most innovative aspects of the present, with an eye on the most interesting prospects for the near future. The event attracted one hundred participants, including the CEO of Stahl, Huub van Beijeren, UNIC President, Gianni Russo, CEO of Lineapelle, Fulvia Bacchi, and emiterus Professor, Luigi Nicolais, of the University of Naples. In the early afternoon, the first discussion panel focused on the theme of “Tradition & Revolution”, before moving to Pozzuoli and visiting the new headquarters of SSIP (Italian Leather Research Institute) in the process of being set up. The second discussion panel dedicated to innovation in the tanning industry was held here, with speeches by Kathleen Kennedy of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (one of the most important research institutes in the world) and Federico Brugnoli of Spin 360.

A leader in surface treatment of materials, the Stahl group started the ReVeal event in 2016 to promote “transparency and traceability in the leather sector” teaming up from time to time with leading partners also to demonstrate that collaboration is essential to achieve good results throughout the supply chain.


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