Greater efficiency and less wasteThe Veneto-based company presented in Hong Kong its finishing lines

Mar 22, 2018
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Tanning Tech and APLF have successfully ended and Elpa Service presented its high-tech finishing lines.

The Veneto company’s top product is without a doubt the Hydrospray spraying cabin that continues to attract great interest from the best leather manufacturers due to its efficiency and low environmental impact.

Among the winning features of Hydrospray are its innovative water-filtering system, which guarantees almost total collection of excess particles conveyed in the recirculation tank. The cabin is equipped with stackable sliding doors for quick and easy access to all the internal parts and a 16-way rotary distributor. Elpa customers also appreciate the new HX-300 low pressure spray which significantly lowers the consumption of chemical products, thus reducing waste, and the brand-new Cover economiser.

elpa_cover elpa_cabina




EL.PA. Service s.r.l.

From the very beginning ,the company established in 1997 has paid a high attention to the demand for an increasingly […]

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