A green project for Ethiopia with StahlThe Green Tanning Initiative was launched during the All African Leather Fair of Addis Ababa on 11 June.

Aug 02, 2018
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This three-year program funded by the EU for the promotion and development of sustainable leather production in Ethiopia sees the involvement of the multinational chemicals supplier, Stahl, together with the NGOs Solaridad and CSR Netherlands. “Ethiopia is renowned for its abundant livestock and for its fine leather,” explained Heske Verburg, Managing Director of Solidaridad Europe, “but few European companies have established direct business relations with Ethiopia. With this project we want to allow Ethiopia to play a more significant role as supplier of leather and leather goods to the European market”. The main aims for Ethiopian leather identified by the programme are training of personnel, selection of the hides, development of tanning methods that use less environmental resources, and improvement of working conditions along the entire leather value chain.

Stahl http://www.stahl.com/

Stahl is a leading company in processing chemicals for leather and other substrates. Since the 1930’s Stahl is looking to realize the […]

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