GSC Group: forty years of successAlmost 2,000 products, an annual production of 31,000 tonnes, more than 20,000 square meters of warehouses, 150 employees, and 52 countries served

Sep 28, 2017
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These are the numbers of the GSC Group, a chemical company that last year celebrated its 40th anniversary (it was founded in 1976 by Donato Serafini and Giovanni Gianesini).

From that early activity focused on the resale of leather dyes, in the 1990s, the company moved forward to the development of the AQ System, a range of water-based finishing products that was a true revolution in those years where solvents ruled.
Today, the Holding company covers all segments of tanning chemicals, since its group also includes the Exel brands (dedicated mainly to the car and furniture industries), Letex (pigment and wet products and refinishing for leather fashion items), Vandoni (leather treatment products for footwear and leather goods) and BerChimica (dry drumming of leather).
A true expansion that upheld the family-run aspect of the company, a real guarantee of keeping alive the experience and expertise gained over the years.

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