Hong Kong is focusing on sustainabilityAware that the fashion world is increasingly sensitive to sustainability issues, APLF turns the spotlight on the theme and aims to create a great “business community” where everyone undertakes to incorporate issues like traceability, sustainable production, waste reuse.

Mar 19, 2019
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Also fairs play their part in terms of sustainability. The big leather fair in Hong Kong wants to play a leading role and announces a strengthened commitment in this direction, proposing itself as a “Sustainable Sourcing Platform in the Asia Pacific Region”.

This year will be launched a program for the identification and enhancement of the most active exhibitors on this front and during the fair there will be an intensive program of conferences and seminars that will deepen the theme of the moment. Among the most important ones we mention the “Sustainable Fashion Conference” scheduled for the morning of 14 March, followed in the afternoon by the “Sustainability in the Leather Supply Chain Conference”. A selection of sustainable products will be on display in the heart of the section dedicated to Materials+ components.

Turning to the contents of the fair, even though the market of raw hides returned to levels of the financial crisis of 2008 with a decrease in global demand estimated between 10 and 30%, at APLF fair the pavilion dedicated to tanneries of the Hong Kong convention centre is sold out as usual. Organisers announce the presence of over 20 national collectives from the main leather exporting countries.

Recall that APLF – which this year celebrates 35 years of activity – over time has developed a format today called “four shows in one”. In addition to the Leather Fair, we find Materials+ the area dedicated to materials, components and accessories for the production of footwear, leather goods and clothing; hence Fashion Access which houses footwear, leather goods and fashion accessories, and finally Cashmere World.


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