HOTMIX, heated mixing plants by S.C. Costruzioni MeccanicheThey are plants conceived to optimize mixing (and dosing too) of numerous chemical substances .

Aug 02, 2018
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Quality of the materials, reliability and precision are the basis of all the proposals for the tanning sector developed by S.C. Costruzioni Meccaniche, which has been active on the market for thirty years. This time we turn the spotlight on Hotmix, the heated mixing plants.

They are plants conceived to optimize mixing (and dosing too) of numerous chemical substances such as more or less viscous fluids, powders of various particle sizes to be diluted in liquids, pastes with various consistencies. They are made up of a tank in which the ingredients are poured. Once the ingredients have been adequately shaken and heated, they become homogenized and generate the desired blend.

Numerous configurations are available, from a simple manual container to a completely automated system that can be managed by using PLC.

In brief, here are the main characteristics:

The dimensional range goes from a minimum volume of 500 litres to a maximum of 12,000 litres.

It's possible to set up the plant also in environments subject to ATEX regulations.

The tank can be placed on load cells, in order to control weights in real-time

In order to speed up and facilitate mixing, the collector tank can be heated both electrically and with hot fluids according to the customer’s needs.

It is possible to equip the system with suction inlets for the smoke and fumes produced and with a specific external extractor in accordance with the current regulations.

The tank can be on the floor or on a treadable raised surface, to facilitates the operations of discharge of the obtained blend , without the aid of lifting pumps.

The company can supply and install at the customer’s venue the plant complete with pipes, the electrical equipment and the software necessary to manage the whole mixing cycle.

Inside the tank, the rotating device called “agitator” can have variedly shaped blades or anchor-shaped blades with scrapers on the bottom and on the lateral wall.

S.C. Costruzioni Meccaniche also builds AISI 304 or AISI 316 stainless steel silos for the storage of chemical products, in the shapes and sizes requested by the customer.

The evolved configuration with load cells and the ingredient conveyance through pipes, with interception valves and feed pumps, make total automation of the whole process possible, thus freeing operators completely from the risks resulting from manipulating chemical substances.

The ingredients can be conveyed manually or through pipes with power-operated or pneumatically operated interception valves. Electric and/or pneumatic pumps are installed upstream which collect the substances from the storage silos and push them into the mixing plant.

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