The Italian Association of Leather Chemists supports the technical tanning cultureScholarships and prizes were awarded to the best students of the Technical Institutes

Mar 22, 2018
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The Italian Association of Leather Chemists continues to promote the tanning culture in Italy by supporting students. February and March saw the AICC award the annual scholarships to the best students in the Chemical-Tanning Specialisation Course of the three technical institutes present in Italy: the “Galileo Galilei” Technical Institute of Arzignano (VI), the “Carlo Cattaneo” Technical Institute of San Miniato (PI) and the “Gregorio Ronca” Technical Institute of Solofra (AV). The three best students of each third-year class for the 2016/2017 school year received a prize of 200 euros. In collaboration with Silvateam, Tecnologie Conciarie and UNPAC, AICC also awarded scholarships of 250 euros in memory of Gianni Solunto to the four best students selected from the IV and V classes of each institute who excelled in the chemical-tanning specialisation course.

The Association also gave the students two important books:  “Tanning Chemistry: The Science of Leather” by Anthony Covington and “Possible Defects in Leather Production” by Gerhard John.

The award ceremony for students of the “C. Cattaneo” Technical Institute of the Tuscany Tanning District took place on 24 February at the PO.TE.CO. of Santa Croce (PI). The prizes were presented by the coordinator of the Tuscany Area of the AICC, Franca Nuti, in the presence of the Institute Director, Alessandro Frosini. The ceremony for the Veneto District took place on 27 February at the Galilei Institute of Arzignano. The prizes were awarded by the AICC Secretary Adriano Peruzzi and by the Coordinator of the Veneto Area, Giancarlo Lovato in the presence of the ITTE Director Carlo Alberto Formaggio and ITS Director Roberto Peripoli.

The ceremony for the Campania Tanning District took place on 1 March at the Ronca Institute of Solofra. It was attended by AICC representative Claudio Toscano and the coordinator of the Campania Area, Gaetano Maffei, together with the Institute Director Lucia Ranieri.


AICC – Italian Association of Leather Chemists

AICC (Italian Association of Leather Chemists) include everyone who works in the leather sector, in particular: chemists and technicians of leather, diploma-holders or […]

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