Lanxess new trends: a winter of coloursLanxess anticipates the new Autumn-Winter 18/19 trends designed to highlight the slow passing of the months

Aug 29, 2017
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Lanxess proposes four trends for the Autumn-Winter 2018/19 season. The German giant, based in Cologne, is one of the leading manufacturers of chemicals for leather processing. It revealed – through its Lanxess Leather Division – a preview of the future proposals, focusing on look, feel and overall impression permitted by the various finishes. The company pays homage to the Italian market by giving the four trends an Italian name (“L’inizio”, “Tempo per scollegare”, “Nel corso del tempo” and “Il Corso”). Four lines, that while remaining independent, are tied to each other by the common thread of the inevitable passing of the months.

Autumn is here

Lanxess’s new AW 2018/19 collection welcomes autumn with “L’inizio”, a line dedicated to months of subdued light and the first cold days. Autumn brings with it warm colours, as well as dark shades and light golden tones: the leaves of the trees are blown through the air by the wind, to dress us in the amazing colours typical of October.

Everything is suspended

As winter approaches, everything seems to slow down: this is the “Tempo per scollegare”, a time to stop and focus on our deepest thoughts. The days are cold and short, it gets dark early, the cold is pungent: everything is suspended. This situation calls for shades of deep blue and purple, as well as touches of orange and earthy colours.

Ordinary normality

Time flies and we are completely consumed by our everyday life: “Nel corso del tempo” highlights the subdued light of city life in the winter. Monochromatic colours intertwine with clear and calm patterns and designs.

The colours of nature

Winter is the season of earthy colours, the brown of the fields waiting to be sown, but also the fruits of this season, ranging from yellow, orange and red. This is the “Il Corso del Tempo”, which has inevitably been repeating itself for generations, designing archaeological shapes sorted randomly over the centuries. This overall analysis of the Lanxess proposal aims to be a valuable guide for both designers and manufacturers so that they can implement the new trends early. It also provides tanneries with relevant formulations and practical advice on processing and use.


LANXESS is a leading specialty chemicals company established in Cologne, Germany. The company is currently represented at 52 production sites […]

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