LMF Biokimica celebrates forty years of research for cutting-edge productsThe extensive experience and knowhow of the Santa Croce-based company allows it to offer an almost infinite range of tanning […]

Dec 29, 2016
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The extensive experience and knowhow of the Santa Croce-based company allows it to offer an almost infinite range of tanning and finishing articles

LMF Biokimica celebrated an important milestone in 2016. The company of Santa Croce, with a factory also in Arzignano, celebrated 40 years of activity during which – under the guidance of Bruno Muccignat and Giancarlo Falaschi – it grew and developed to become one of the most successful in the industry, thanks to the latest production technology and extraordinary knowhow, expertise and experience.

LMF Biokimica was founded in 1976 by three technicians, who came together to produce and market chemical products for leather. Those years (and society) were very different from today, with more modest needs for a production that, at first, was limited to mixtures. However, ten years later, in 1987, the factory in Santa Croce was no longer able to cope with the market changes and new business opportunities. Considering that in the late eighties, early nineties, Lombardy was an important location for logistics and raw materials, it was decided to open the Tichem company in the town of Turbigo, not far from Milan, to produce auxiliaries for leather finishing and some tannin mixes. It was the start of a great adventure that today allows LMF Biokimica to produce a wide range of enzymes for leather and hides, waterproofing, greasing and degreasing products and dyes for leather goods, as well as many other chemical products for tanning, re-tanning, finishing and dyeing activities. All experimented by extensive research. Today the factory of Santa Croce, which was initially little more than a warehouse, is equipped with advanced chemical laboratories for the research and development of individual products.

This is closely linked to the analysis of quality, with a department dedicated to physical tests on leather. The LMF laboratories consist of a motivated and qualified technical staff who perform excellent activities with the use of the most up-to-date tools and machinery and ongoing professional training. The application laboratory experiments, adjusts, changes, and re-checks until it achieves what is in the project. Once the desired result has been achieved, and the prototype made, the formulation is sent to Tichem, where it undergoes a pilot trial and another quality control (which must be carried out on site). At the end of the process, the production can start. This well-organised protocol allows LMF Biokimica to guarantee high quality products, all certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001/2008, and complying with the quality regulations and standards. The company also supports the supply with a customised pre-sales consulting service aimed at finding the chemical tanning substances and dyes most suited to the customer’s production processes. These attentions have allowed the company to earn a good reputation on the international market, which represents 30/35% of its turnover.

Today the company is committed to pursuing the new course of the environment. For LMF Biokimica, ecology and quality go hand in hand, which is expressed – in addition to compliance with the anti-pollution regulations – in the rationalisation of the production processes and in creations with low environmental impact. At the moment, the LMF research is concentrated on retanning agents deriving from animal proteins that do not have an impact on the environment (e.g. formaldehyde). Products of natural origin and not deriving from oil, retanning agents and oils of vegetable origin, rather than mineral. In 2010, the company purchased a new factory for launching a project that has been in the pipeline for some time, and namely the production of transferable film to be applied to leather.

LMF Biokimica S.p.A. http://www.lmfbiokimica.it/

LMF Biokimica provides consulting and assistance for every phase of tanning, retanning, dying and finishing, offering high-quality products and cutting […]

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