Low emissions and high quality for Zschimmer & SchwarzThe German multinational company announces its return to APLF of Hong Kong with a captivating range of new products

Mar 09, 2018
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After a few years of absence, the world’s largest producer of fatliquors, Zschimmer & Schwarz, prepares to exhibit at the APLF Leather Trade Show in Hong Kong.

zschimmerThe international chemical Group founded in Germany in 1894 announces that it will be present at the Asian leather fair with a wide range of innovative leather products in terms of sustainability and final quality, made in various parts of the world with both chrome and alternative tanning agents.

One of this year’s highlights is a new range of low emission fatliquors and softening agents (COV/FOG) designed for car upholstery leather based on both synthetic and organic raw materials.

“Their application during the production phase showed a significant reduction in emissions whilst maintaining the desired softness and beauty of the grain accompanied by outstanding resistance to heat and light”

explained Zschimmer & Schwarz technicians.

Another leading product is DOLATAN F1, a newly developed liquid retanning agent that completes the range of syntans offering good heat and light resistance, filling effect and tight grain, at a competitive price.

Worth noting is also CONTRIPON DEO, a brand-new product developed to fight unpleasant smells coming from beamhouse operations.

Finally, it was announced the expansion of the range of Novaltan retanning agents based on the latest development of new blends of vegetable extracts and syntans to meet the increasing demands for soft leather with tight grain.

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