Mec Man, the specialists in leather dryingToday, the Venetian company designs and constructs cutting-edge systems for drying leathers, while also continuing to provide maintenance services and technical assistance to tanneries located around the globe.

Oct 04, 2018
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A relatively young company, but with a longstanding experience in the field of vacuum dryers for leather drying. Founded in 2003, in the northern part of the Province of Vicenza, in just a few years, Mec Man (which stands for Mechanical Maintenance) succeeded in building a solid reputation for itself as a reliable partner to the tannery world, both in Italy and abroad. All this was made possible by the perseverance of its founders, Marco Agostini and Giovanni Baron, who decided to start their adventure by providing services of maintenance, reconstruction, spare parts, and assistance to vacuum systems for leather drying, of any brand and make, in every part of the world.

Over the years, the continuous relationship of cooperation with leading tanning companies allowed the two partners to mature significant experience, leading Mec Man to the production of its very own vacuum dryers, with the opening of its present-day facility in Lugo, Vicenza. Thus, the company was able to offer its customers an extremely high quality line of machines made using cutting-edge raw materials and the most technologically advanced equipment.

At the same time, technical assistance remained one of the main business activities of the company, proceeding at the same pace as the company’s development and construction of new machines: “Providing post-sales services to systems belonging even to other brands remains fundamental for us. It is our work as maintenance technicians that has allowed us to understand, and in some cases even stay ahead of, the needs of our customers, while pushing us towards constant innovation”, explain the two partners.

Today, what are your leading models?

“Our top runner is the vacuum dryer of large dimensions known as Mec Giant. Our tables come available in lengths of 8, 8.6, and even 9 metres, allowing for the drying of three bovine hides per table, thus guaranteeing an increased productivity equal to 50% at the same cost as managing a 7 metre-table. We also have designed and created a line of compact machines, Mec Pack, which can be transported in a container, thus cutting down on the costs of transportation that have had heavy repercussions on global investments. They are machines that function at low temperatures and are made to last over time, thanks to the use of first-rate quality steel and meticulous workmanship”.

You are also well-known for your vacuum systems. What are your latest proposals in this segment?

“We created Ice Vacuum, a vacuum system entirely designed and constructed in-house. It is the only system in the market that achieves vacuum on the surface in 9 seconds and it can work under any kind of conditions, adapting itself to all dryer brands. Moreover, we have studied and perfected the staking machine through the creation of Mec Titan. The resulting leather is softer and more uniform across the entire surface when compared to traditional systems, thanks to the innovative design of our pin plates, while the lifetime of the various components has been doubled”.

Your next project?

“We are working on developing a new vertical leather drying system called Green Mec, which will soon be presented”, conclude Agostini and Baron.

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