A mini-laboratory with SpraylabFratelli Carlessi exhibits Spraylab, its innovative spraying machine with robotic arm, which presents itself like a real mini-laboratory, in which the tannery technician can test small productions and samples optimizing time and resources.

Feb 17, 2018
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A sort of pilot plant, equipped with the most advanced technologies, whose function is to develop and reproduce the real working conditions of a machine. Product viscosity testing, drying temperature, speed and spray gun coverage checking, colour-matching testing and so on: Spraylab allows you to experiment by easily changing the working parameters of small batches, and then standardize them for subsequent production on large scale. Thanks to the advanced software it is equipped with, Spraylab stores and processes information: the more data it collects, the more intelligently it will support and inform the research of the user in any situation. Spraylab is equipped with a touch screen from which all settings and operations can be accessed, which can obviously be stored, repeated and modified at a later stage.

Each Spraylab comes equipped with a robotic spray arm, a conveyor, a drying unit and a mixing unit.


Fratelli Carlessi http://www.carlessi.it/

FRATELLI CARLESSI is a company which designs and manufactures machinery for the textile, nonwovens and leather processing industries. FRATELLI CARLESSI […]

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