The National Cluster for the sectors of “Made in Italy”: SSIP joins Sistema Moda ItaliaOn 14 November 2017, the National Technological Cluster “Made in Italy” was founded in Milan; it involves the Experimental Station for Leather and Tanning Materials Industry, together with the representatives of the world of Textile/Clothing, Fashion Accessories and Furniture, as well as the main Italian Universities, CNR, Enea, and the most important Technological Centres of the sector

Jan 02, 2018
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A public-private alliance, coordinated by SMI – Sistema Moda Italia, the Textile/Clothing association that is a member of Confindustria, in order to create a more fluid, structured and permanent dialogue between Universities, the research and innovation world and the supply chains of “beautiful and well-made” products: textile/clothing, footwear, leather accessories, eyewear, furs, goldsmiths, furniture and its complements.

The goal is to help the economic and sustainable growth of these sectors, working in accordance with the Community strategic agendas and with a particular attention to Southern Italy. Besides, it will represent the Made in Italy system at international level in a coordinated way, favouring and reinforcing collaborations and partnerships in research and innovation.

The 22 founding members who have undersigned the memorandum of association will be shortly joined by other 13, among which the Italian National Research Council (CNR), the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development (Enea) and the Experimental Station for the Leather and Tanning Materials Industry.

Alberto Paccanelli, a textile entrepreneur from Brescia, has been appointed President of the Cluster.

Research and Workshop

The Experimental Station for the Leather and Tanning Materials Industry (SSIP), has always been committed to defending quality, technological development, research, innovation and sustainability. This is shown by its recent initiatives: the agreement for the development of research activities with CNR and the active participation in the exhibition “Questa non è una sola” (This is not a fake).

In the first case the respective presidents, Paolo Gurisatti and Massimo Inguscio, have planned to develop joint research activities, to define and carry out training courses and educational activities, and to favour the widest possible diffusion of scientific research and the exchange of personnel.

While Edoardo Imperiale, director of SSIP, has explained how the research institute is involved, as it will participate in the exhibition “Questa non è una sola” (This is not a fake), promoted by the association Museo del Vero e del Falso, on schedule at Palazzo della Borsa, in Naples, until 4 February 2018. The Experimental Station will be present with informative and training workshops, aimed both at companies and at local high-school students, as well as university students. Topics concerning the features that distinguish real leathers from fake ones will be covered, then the “leather” theme will be examined in depth.

SSIP – Italian Leather Research Institute

Founded in Naples in 1885 by Royal Decree, the Italian Leather Research Institute (SSIP) has gradually broadened its fields of […]

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