Obelix, largest drum in the worldThe Inox Mill Plus has also been renewed and upgraded

Jun 12, 2018
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The drum designed by Pajusco Tecnologie can work up to 25 tonnes of leather and that’s why it has been christened the “Obelix” like the super-strong cartoon character who celebrates the victories of the Gauls. “When the drums are very large, the quality of the work normally tends to decrease; however, Obelix works differently and is able to guarantee excellent results even at full load, thanks to a new patent-pending system,” explains Olimpio Storti, director of the Vicenza-based company. The effectiveness of the new system is linked to an enhanced internal mechanical action. “The drum normally turns back and forth, but the hides inside are also moved and lifted upwards by new special blades (fixed with bolts on both the staves and on the bottom of the drum) which facilitate the action of the chemicals, thus speeding up the process,” continues Storti. But the advantages don’t end here. “In addition to loading many more hides, this process also allows consuming less water and less chemicals while maintaining higher quality of the leathers, without any knots, twists or broken parts. The drum turns slower (about 40% less than standard turns) so it makes less noise, consumes less energy and there is less wear of the driving system”. Why such a big drum? “To meet the demands of the market, which today needs both high production and quality. It saves resources and space,” says the director of Pajusco.


The technical characteristics of Obelix can be summarised as follows: large capacity (+ 25 tons of leather), reinforced structure, loading cells, unloading in automatic axis with recycling, new automatic door with wi-fi control, wi-fi temperature control, internal combination (special paddles and pegs), new touch screen and software. The system can operate with two different mechanisms that can be tested and selected according to the needs: one with special blades and hooks (Max) and another with mushroom blades and pegs (Obelix).

Pajusco has also launched the Inox Mill Plus, the most advanced version of its Inox Mill drum which features a new design and a series of brand-new features that improve the final result, including an enhanced filter for better suction, touch screen and project injection system.

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