Pisoni: “Teaming up is the most important value”The outgoing president of the Italian Association of Leather Chemists draws up a balance of the activities carried out during his term

Feb 05, 2019
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Also the last two months of the year saw the Italian Association of Leather Chemists, AICC, working on various fronts, in particular on the organisation of training courses in the various districts and the X Technical Conference of the Veneto area entitled “Technological and scientific innovation of the tanning sector”.

We have addressed a few questions to President Ernesto Pisoni, who is approaching the end of his term.

– How would you assess the activities carried out by AICC?

“This mandate was characterised by the implementation of numerous activities. In this regard it is essential to underline that the AICC is an association which bases its work on the voluntary service provided by the members, who are driven by an immense passion for their profession. We certainly have given a breakthrough to the training activities, through seminars and conferences organised throughout the national territory. There were also numerous initiatives to support teaching in various tanning institutions, as well as the active contribution to the implementation of the biennial ITS at the Galileo Galilei Institute of Arzignano. The constant dialogue with the international delegates of IULTCS also encouraged comparisons on various international technical and regulatory issues that must be daily adapted to the emerging needs”.


– Which activities were most appreciated?

“Training seminars certainly have been highly appreciated, thanks to the professionalism and competence of the various professors in addressing issues of the highest level with an eye to the industrial world, research and innovation. The experiences of the individual and of the various scientific communities, once shared, become a wealth of knowledge and know how within everyone’s reach so that the constant progress of the sector can be preserved. In order to support information disclosure, special newsletters have been created, thus opening a constant communication window.”


– You will soon be passing the torch to the next president: what legacy do you leave?

“Today the Association boasts about 600 members (editor’s note, in 2015 there were 350). I believe that the ability to aggregate and launch new projects is the added value of this mandate as it has guaranteed the possibility of organising important initiatives at the service of the entire Italian and international tanning sector. The theme of aggregation is fundamental to foster the progress and growth of the sector, just as the collaboration between all the tanning organisations becomes increasingly essential”.

– What value does teaming up have?

“The most important value for doing business today is teaming up: without this attitude you can not stay up-to-date, neither in science nor in business. Our companies must open up to more modern management models, to be able to evolve faster by looking for people with transversal skills and to be ready to solve  challenges we have to face everyday”.

– What will you carry in your heart?

“The memory of those people who shared with me the commitment and the constant efficiency. Human value is fundamental, without which nothing is possible”.


AICC – Italian Association of Leather Chemists http://www.aicc.it/index.php?c=3

AICC (Italian Association of Leather Chemists) include everyone who works in the leather sector, in particular: chemists and technicians of leather, diploma-holders or […]

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