More power for more beautiful leatherBauce presents a new through-feed setting out and sammying machine that is positioned at the top of the marker.

Feb 17, 2018
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The MVC-4S VERSUS RCE is the result of 48 years of experience in the leather drying sector and is ideal for working chrome and vegetable tanned leather. It comes with numerous technical innovations, such as a new design featuring a cylinder assembly with larger blade diameter and more blades for better stretching of the leather, bladed cylinders driven by more powerful motors fitted with inverters that allow adjusting the revolving speed of the cylinders, the option of three leather passes through the bladed cylinders, and an RCE system (i.e. the heated cylinder with variable temperatures) for better quality of the leather grain and better opening of the wrinkles of the leather.

Bauce declares that numerous tests have proven the superiority of this machine in terms of surface increase and drying quality compared to traditional systems.


Bauce company was constituted in 1970 by its founder, Mr. Attilio Bauce who decided to start an activity that was […]

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