Prossimapelle, a meeting between tanneries and chemical companiesThe event of Santa Croce has begun: Italian companies with innovative application services and production of tanning auxiliaries present solutions to meet the growing demand for quality and sustainable items in line with the AW18/19 trends

May 12, 2017
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15bf6a0d3dd469643184Prossimapelle, the event organised by UNPAC – National Union of Auxiliary and Chemical Products dedicated to the leather industry – kicked off this morning. The inauguration of the event was held inside the structure set up near the Museo della Conceria (Tannery Museum).

The event was opened by Giulia Deidda, Mayor of Santa Croce, proud of the territory she controls, of the hard work performed by the companies and their social role in creating wellbeing.

Edgardo Stefani, UNPAC president, then addressed the audience by singing the praises of the products exhibited, “an extraordinary expression of excellence”. He went on to thank the general secretary of UNPAC, Maurizio Maggioni, for his tireless work in organising the event and in promoting the good work being done by companies.

Franco Donati, president of the Tanners’ Association of Santa Croce, instead, underlined the importance of the district and of knowing how to work well with public and private bodies. But he also reminded everyone how fundamental it is that the confrontation does not become the pretext for not launching important initiatives, such as pushing for richer content capable of animating the spaces of the Museo della Conceria of Santa Croce.

We want – emphasised Donati – to work together with other national organisations, firstly, the National Union of the Tanning Industry and the Leather Experimental Station of Naples to make the Museum an asset for the entire Italian tanning industry and not only for the district. But we are also determined to do something concrete in the short term.

15bf6a0b1a273687f1b3Daniela Carlotti of the Tanners’ Consortium of Ponte a Egola, on behalf of the companies in her territory, thanked organisers for the invitation to attend the event, while Daniele Salvadori, general manager of the Banca Popolare of Lajatico, reminded everyone of the importance of an institute that is strongly interconnected with its territory.

Finally, Paolo Gurisatti, president of the Leather Experimental Station, university lecturer and economist, took the floor. He welcomed the invitation to work together with the Museo della Conceria and urged everyone to imagine how to build a place where anyone can learn about the ins and outs of the tanning industry.


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