Quality and sustainability of SYN-BIOS pigmentsSYN-BIOS has always promoted eco-friendly solutions aimed at protecting and respecting the environment, and continually invests in human resources to achieve the best organisational, environmental and safety standards.

Jun 12, 2018
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SYN-BIOS S.p.A., a company based in Montebello Vicentino, constantly committed to the research and development of innovative technical solutions for the tanning industry, has a consolidated focus on the study, production and global distribution of chemical products, with particular attention to environmental sustainability and human health and safety.

The constant commitment, the philosophy adopted over the years and ongoing investments in innovation and research, allow the company to offer its customers new products, all strictly in compliance with the REACH regulations, and always in step with the latest technologies.

Innovation recognised worldwide thanks to the efforts to meet the quality and environmental needs of customers with cutting-edge solutions.

Over the years, SYN-BIOS has established itself on the market as a technological leader in the production of pigmented pastes of the highest quality and technical performance.


The main characteristics of the SYN-BIOS pigment ranges are the perfect combination of chemical-physical fastness – maximum fastness to light, to migration on plasticised PVC and to abrasion – and attention to environmental protection and the health of industrial operators and the end user.

One of the strengths of these products is the very bright shades combined with a high level of dyeing.

The viscosity of the products, specifically designed, facilitates ease of use and mixing in the colour matching phase. Most of the pigments are water based and the fluorescent range is completely ‘formaldehyde-free’.

The products are free of casein, heavy metals, and flammable solvents and are very stable to store. All SYN-BIOS products are subjected to strict quality controls throughout the entire manufacturing phase, in full compliance with the REACH regulations and safety standards required by customers: all company laboratories are equipped with technologically advanced tools to ensure the technical specifications required by the customer and all the tools are calibrated according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

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