In Shanghai to study the market’s evolutionChina’s leather exhibition will take place from 29 to 31 August

Aug 02, 2018
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A double anniversary for the All China Leather Exhibition(ACLE), Shanghai’s leather fair, taking place from 29 to 31 August at the New International Expo Centre of the Pudong district as always.

This year the 20th anniversary of the event and the 30th anniversary of the Leather Industry Association (CLIA), the association which represents the whole Chinese leather sector and that organizes the fair together with APLF Ltd., will be celebrated.

Two anniversaries that bring to mind the great transformation that has taken place in China during that period of time; a country that is moving more and more from being a factory of the world making low-cost products for foreign markets to being a country that is an advanced technology producer with an economy led by the internal market’s consumption.

With these two emblematic dates in mind, the organizers have decided to focus their attention on innovation, putting a spotlight on the concepts of sustainability and care for the environment.

So make way for advanced technologies, which guarantee low environmental impact, high-quality leathers destined for the market’s more demanding segment. New conceptual spaces will be inaugurated at the fair: a luxury area in Pavillion E1 will host leathers and components for high-end products, a Technological Trend forum rich in proposals will be set up in Pavillion E3, while an Innovation Lab will be hosted in area E2.

The fair will extend over an area of 92 thousand square meters distributed among eight pavillions. On display the entire product spectrum of the leather/footwear sector with a specific focus on leathers, chemistry and tanning technology. As always, approximately twenty will be the national collectives from all the countries in the world producing leather, thus confirming the importance of the fair as a business platform for the whole Asean area. For Italy, the group of suppliers of tanning machines and that of chemical products will as always be a large one.

In terms of the market, we must remember the great attractions that China keeps exercising on the leather sector operators from all over the world, despite the slowdown over the last few years, which is also due to the forced closure, for environmental reasons, of many small tanneries in the north of the country. In particular, nowadays everyone looks to the driving force of the automotive sector: with more than 24 million new cars and approximately 5 million light truckssold in 2017, in the former Celestial Empire a huge market for leather car interiors was born. The production of upholstered pieces for furniture is also growing. Without forgetting the footwear sector, which still represents anyway the main intended use of leather: despite the competition from the Asian neighbours, shoe production in China in 2017 amounted to 4.4 billion pairs of shoes, against the 400 million pairs of shoes in Vietnam.

And most of the leathers used are imported in semi-finished form. In 2017, China imported raw 1.25 tons of leathers in terms of volume, for the value of 2.2 billion dollars. Imports of semi-finished leathers were 706,200 tons for 1.46 billion dollars, those of finished leathers were 116,800 tons for 1.99 billion dollars. In total, last year China purchased leathers from international suppliers for a value estimated at 5.68 billion dollars.

Approximately 23 thousand operators are expected at the 2018 edition of Shanghai’s fair. An occasion not to be missed in order to evaluate the state of health of leather and its future prospects.





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