SSIP and Fondazione Mondragone: union makes cultureSSIP and Fondazione Mondragone sign an agreement for mutual cooperation aimed at launching research, production development and training projects in the field of clothing production

Sep 28, 2017
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As part of the “Leather Polytechnic” project promoted by the Experimental Station for the Leather and Tanning Materials Industry (SSIP), the Station has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Fondazione Mondragone of Naples, an organisation specialising in training, orientation and updating programs for the conservation and valorization of cultural goods, with particular reference to fabrics and clothing.

The agreement, which develops over a three-year period, provides for a mutual cooperation aimed at launching research, production development and training projects, with particular attention to clothing and relative production processes.

It organises training courses in Higher Technical Institutions aimed at increasing collaboration with fashion companies, Universities and research centres interested in consolidating the technical culture of materials involved in the fashion chain, tutoring activities or internships, training and orientation services and sharing of the logistics structures for their creation.


SSIP – Industry Experimental Station Skins

Founded in Naples in 1885 by Royal Decree, the Industry Experimental Station Skins (SSIP) has gradually broadened its fields of […]

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